Sunday, June 29, 2008

Don't let your kids watch Smurfs!

You all know that cartoon that shows on Saturday or Sunday morning on TV3 or Tv2? The one with alot of blue, short and shirtless people running around? La La Lalala,LaLaLaLaLaaaaaaa......

Yea, Smurfs. Why do they run shirtless anyway? hmmm....

Anyway, that's not my point for the day. Ever notice out of the whole bunch of Smurfs, there's only one Smurfette?

yeah... that's her in the background... with that look of a.... erm... smurfette.

So why shouldn't you let your young baby daughter watch Smurf? Think hard about it first...

one Smurfette, many Smurfs... one of them papa smurf.... get the picture? Still don't get it?

Ok, here's another hint... Annabel Chong may or may not have gotten her inspiration from Smurfs. Who knows?! It might have been all those cartoons watched when she was young... and finally..... Ka-booM

South park, what's wrong with that? Nothing! At least it's honest.

= Honest and Crude

Smurfs, now that's dangerous. It's so unassuming... all you see are cute little blue men.... shirtless.... and one smurfette....

So mothers and fathers out there.... think carefully before letting your kids watch any cartoons!

Please also inform the Malaysian Censorship board to ban this instead of censoring movies that does not need censoring.

Protect the children! Protect our future! Malaysia Censorship Board BOLEH!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

MunyTang Starts Today!

So after a year and 5 months here in India, I've decided to start my own blog. What am I going to write here? Mostly mindless ramblings about life here in India, making fun of the corporate world I work in and how bad Mondays are.

*I initially wanted to say how evil women are, but I don't want to risk not getting laid for the rest of my life.

So just a brief introduction of who MunyT is. I'm a Malaysian, and I'm Chinese. But my India colleagues here in India find it hard to understand that. The usual question that comes back would be, so how can you be a Malay-sian but still be Chinese? We'll cover this in future postings.

I love movies, and I think 2008 is one of the best movie years.

I just recently started photography, so hope to get some good pics up here as well.

I work for a MNC that is supposedly the world's 2nd largest PC company....according to a few analyst... so I'll take their word for it. Else I'd think it's the kool-aid the company is feeding me.

I used to live on this nice little island north of peninsular Malaysia, but now I'm residing in the silicon valley of India.

I love bananas, the fruit. ehem.

ok, I think that's enough about myself in a single post. Will see everyone again in the next posting! cheers!