Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Why so Serious?

Yes, Why so serious? Let's put a smile on that face! HOEHOEOHEOEOEOH.

I thought I try out some mashing skills and bring you joker ringtones and message tones. Let me know what you think. Click on the below links to grab 'em.

The Joker Laff.wav
Why So Serious Laff.wav
Let's put a smile on that face Laff.wav

Monday, July 28, 2008

Made of Honor

Chick flick alert! This is a pop corn movie you and your partner can enjoy in the cinema or either that cuddled up at home. But without any mistake, it is 100% chick flick.

The movie stars McDreamy aka Patrick Dempsey. Yup, that's all. only him. Look at the poster, his name is the only name on it!

This movie essentially is a new version of 'My Best Friend's Wedding'. Julia Robert's role got swapped with Patrick Dempsey.... Dermont Mulroney got replaced by Michelle Monaghan and Cameron Diaz by Kevin Mckidd.

The show starts off in 1998, playing to the music of Smash Mouth's - Walking the Sun. For those of you who were in college in 1998 you'd remember this song. Set at a Halloween Party at a university campus, you see a man wandering around in a Bill Clinton mask looking for Monica. Another poke at the former US president's sex incident.

The man in the mask is Tom Bailey(Patrick Dempsey), and he ends up in bed with the wrong gal,Hannah(Michelle Monaghan) and got a big slapping. Thus starts the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The movie touches a subject that's been discussed for ages, can Men and Women really have a platonic relationship? What do you think?

Fast forward 10 years later, both Tom and Hannah are best friends living in NYC. Tom basically sleeps with different women every day and have different rules like, no back to back with the same gal, no taking the girl back home... but the one constant in his life is Hannah who he meets up every Sunday.

Hannah goes off to Scotland for 6 weeks, and during the 6 weeks Tom finally realizes that Hannah is the woman he wants to be with. And in typically chick flick fashion, Hannah comes back..... ENGAGED! And she asks Tom to be her Maid of Honor, cause he is her best friend. duh.

So the show goes through the motion of Tom trying to make Hannah realizes that she loves him instead of Colin McMurray. The movie goes through the motion of male competition, from basketball to comparing 'shlongs' in the shower..... and finally finding out Colin is Scottish Royalty.

So the movie then later shifts to Scotland, the scenery captured of Scotland is breath taking but I wonder how much of it is really Scotland. I won't spoil the ending for you, but you should be able to figure it out.

Patrick Dempsey seems to be tailor made for these roles lately, I say this because it's almost the same role as he took on in Enchanted.

Michelle Monaghan is a fresh face, the last role you'd probably seen her on was Ben Stiller's Heartbreak kid. She's very sweet.

Kevin Mckidd is a real scottish dude who currently plays the role on TV's "Journeyman" series. Nothing much to say about him anyway.

One thing to note, the songs played in the movie are really nice. The song list is as per below, try Love Song by Sara Bareilles which is the 2nd song played in the movie. My personal recommendation. ;)

Walkin' on the Sun - Smash Mouth
New Schooly D - School of Velocity
Love Song - Sara Bareilles
Love Revolution - Lenny Kravitz
Gold Digger - Kanye West
Misty Blue - Dorothy Moore
You Give Me Something - James Morrison
Without You - El Presidente
Battle Without Honor or Humanity - Tomoyasu Hotel
Arabesque No. 1 - Skaila Kanga
The Power - Snap
Ladies Night - Kool & the Gang
The Gay Gordons (Medley) - Jimmy Shand
Cock O' the North - Jimmy Shand
Major John MacLennan - P.M. George S. MacLennan
The Gay Gordons - Christopher Willis
Scotland the Brave - Isle of Skye Pipe Band
Two Tribes - Frankie Goes to Hollywood
My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose - Robert Burns
Ye Banks and Braes O' Bonnie Doon - Skaila Kanga
Henrietta - Fratellis
Stop Crying Your Heart Out - Oasis
Stolen - Dashboard Confessional
Original music - Rupert Gregson-Williams

Few Hilarious moments here and there, but overall very predictable. That said, it's still a nice movie to just spend a stormy Saturday night cuddled up in a blanket with your love one watching.

My verdict: Watch it if you like Patrick Dempsey (ladies, you know you do) or if you just want a light popcorn movie to enjoy with your partner.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight or TDK, the follow up to Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins in 2005, is one of the most anticipated movie of 2008. Although not a huge batman fan, I've been reading the comic since I was 7 years old though not fervently.

The movie definitely lived up to the hype that was generated leading up to the launch. The movie is now ranked #1 on IMDB's top 250 all time movie.

It is definitely the best superhero movie released this year. With such releases like Ironman, Hulk, Hancock etc. (I've not watched Hellboy so I won't comment on that)

The cast reprises of Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Aaron Eckhart, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman. A formidable cast, but of all the stars in the movie, all pale in comparison to one man.


Heath Ledger was THE star of the movie. Ironically as I am writing this, A Knight's Tale is playing on AXN now.

The Joker
Heath Ledger's performance of the Joker was undeniably the best portrait of the villain I've ever seen. He scares me. He does. His interpretation of the Joker is very different from the one by Jack Nicholson in Batman. He embodied the Joker as an agent of chaos and insanity, and it was reflected by few of his quotes in the movie.

'I'm a dog chasing cars, I wouldn't know what to do if I caught one' - Joker to Two Face in the hospital

'Madness is like gravity, all you need is a little push' - Joker to Batman on top of the building in the last fight scene

The Joker also repeatedly lies about how he got the scars on his face. First was to the black dude he killed, the 2nd time was to Rachel Dawes, the third time he tried to tell the Batman but didn't get to finish it.

I think one of the most memorable lines from this movie is when the Joker was hanging upside down on the building. He said to Batman
'You just couldn't let me go could you? This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. You truly are incorruptible aren't you? You won't kill me out of some misplaced sense of self-righteousness, and I won't kill you, because you're just too much fun. I think you and I are destined to do this forever.'

How Ironic is that Heath Ledger will not be doing this with Christian Bale, or whoever that plays batman next ever again. May he rest in peace.

The movie is long for a superhero movie, 152 minutes in total. So for those of you planning to watch it, make a trip to the washroom first (here in India there are at least intermission) and then set yourself in a good position and enjoy the show.

The movie starts off with a mob trade in a parking complex. To my surprise, the appearance of Cillian Murphy aka The Scarecrow in the fist scene was a good one. When batman said he does not need any help, scarecrow's respond of 'not what my analysis concludes'. A little psychological humor thrown in for good measure.

Scarecrow aka Jonathan Crane

The way Joker appeared in the movie was also unexpected. A mob bank was being robbed by a bunch of people in clown mask, and the joker planned the execution of each robbers down to the T. It was just brilliant.

So back to the plot, the mob is scared shitless because batman is after them and their shitload of money will get picked up by Gotham's finest lead my Lt James Gordon and his MCU(Major Crimes Unit). So The Joker tabled an offer to the mob to get rid of batman, one other classic quote from the joker when asked why doesn't he just kill the batman, he answered
'When you are good at something, never do it for free'

So the mob finally agrees to hire the Joker's service after their accountant was extradited from Hong Kong by Batman. One of the good scenes is the hong kong scene where batman glides from one building to the next and finally gets 'hooked' to a plane for the escape.

Harvey Dent aka Two Face

So in the midst of all this, Gotham's 'white knight' district attorney Mr Harvey Dent is doing his part to clean up the city. I have mixed emotion on Aaron Eckhart's portrayal of Two-face, but I guess he did a good job on it. It's definitely a big improvement from the one Tommy Lee Jones played in the earlier batman franchise.

The movie did deviate slightly on the transformation of Harvey Dent to Two face though. In the comics, Acid was thrown onto Dent's face and disfiguring him. In the movie you will see an attempt on his life in the courtroom instead. And his face gets disfigured later on.

Ok, and let's not forget the show's main character, Mr Bruce Wayne aka The Batman.

The Batman aka Bruce Wayne

So this year there are 2 Billionaire super heroes with high tech suits on the display.Hands down Bruce Wayne was the classier of the 2.

The helicopter entrance with 3 gorgeous women during the fund raiser for Dent, taking the whole Russian Ballerina squad on a sailing trip, the Lamborghini that got smashed.... we can go more into which billionaire super hero is classier in another topic.

In this movie, we saw that batman had one key weakness. No, not bullets. No, not Knifes. No, not bombs either. It was dogs! Yes, dogs. Cause apparently the man was very worried about them. And in the final scene you can see that joker's convinced too as he has 3 big dogs waiting for him.

When talking to Lucius Fox played by Morgan Freeman about the new suit, Bruce Wayne asked how does it holds up against dogs?

Lucius Fox:' That depends, are we talking about Rottweiler or Chihuahuas?' LOL

But props on the new batsuit, a cool batcave, the batpod was also pretty cool.

But like I said at the beginning of the post, the movie was not about batman, it was more to do with the Joker.

But not forgetting the rest of the characters which made the show so successful... here they are:

Alfred Pennyworth

Michael Caine is definitely the best suited for this role, and the chemistry between him and Bale's Bruce Wayne is rather good.

Alfred: You think they'll lock me up for being an accomplice to you sir?
Bruce: Accomplice? I'm going to tell them this whole thing was your idea.


Commissioner James Gordon

Gary Oldman is another experienced actor, nothing much to say about the fella. Except you finally see him raise from the ranks of lieutenant the MCU to commissioner after capturing the joker.

Rachel Dawes

Originally played by Mrs Tom Cruise, now played by Jake Gyllenhaal's sister Maggie. Her role was pretty much a filler and an enabler. Enabling Bruce Wayne's hope of having a normal life, and the enabler for Harvey Dent's cross over to insanity.

Overall, The best movie of 2008 so far. Hard to see anything topping this for a while. So my advice, go watch it in the Cinema.

Last but not least, I leave you with a quote that was used twice in the movie and struck a chord when I heard it.

'You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain' -Harvey Dent

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My first taste of terrorism

I am not sure how to frame my feelings right now. On one hand, I'm grateful that I'm still alive, on the other, I'm not sure how safe Bangalore is anymore and have my first taste of terrorism.

Sure we've heard of terrorism on the news, Bali bom blast, 9/11.... but when you're watching it over the tube and you know it's a few thousand miles away, you don't really feel that sense of terror.

For me, this would be the first time said terror was really felt.

Yesterday, on the 25th of July. 7 bomb blast occurred across Bangalore city. You can read it here or just google it up with 'bangalore bomb blast'. 2 dead, and still no clue who are the culprits behind the bombs.

Lady that died from the blast.

So when it happened yesterday, I was sitting in the office safe. There were rumours that the IT companies may be a target, but I was fully confident of the security that was placed in my company. I mean, every morning I would have to get through at least 10 guards before reaching my cubicle.

So why, you would ask me, was I even gripped with a sense of terror? Good question.

So the logical thing for most people to do after a bomb blast is to stay home and be safe right? No, not me. I had to go out on a Saturday morning.

You see, 3 of my colleagues who were from out of town got tickets to watch The Dark Knight on Saturday morning 10am. And since the bomb blasts happened, they've decided to leave Bangalore earlier than planned. (they were suppose to be here till eary Aug)

So there were 4 unused tickets to TDK, and I liked it so much I decided to go watch it again despite the happenings around Bangalore.

My logic was, if the guys just bombed places on Friday they'd unlikely do it again on Saturday. And here's another equeation my brain worked up.

Staying at Home vs Going for TDK
Boredom vs Bomb Blast

Staying at home = 100% boredom
Going for TDK = x% bomb blast (x at the time i was thinking was less than 50%)

So I told myself it would be very unlikely that another blast would happen the day after. yeah, right.

So I went for TDK, and followed up with Made of Honor. During interval of the 2 shows, when I was sitting in a coffee place I saw people running towards the entrance. Didn't occurred to me what happened until I came back home and saw the news. Read here. An eighth bomb was found outside of the Mall I was at.
Image of bomb being defused.

So yeah, I've always had bad luck when it comes to gambling or having anything to do with odds. Guess this time I got lucky. :)

To be frank, the first movie I went into I got a seat that was just a few seats away from a trash can. And it is the first time I took so much notice to a waste basket, then I realized the people that was trying to strike terror into bangalore, has successfully done so to me. The terror crept and hid in the inner sanctum of my brains, lurching for the right moment to spring the idea upon me.

And the waste basket was the source that triggered the thoughts of terror. 'what if there was a bomb in there?' I thought. I tempted myself to goto the basket and peered into it. Empty, whew.

Yes, hard to believe this was the face of terror for me. and not the face below.

So yeah, like I said in the beginning of my post. I'm lucky to be alive, and unfortunately, I had my first taste of terrorism in this once peaceful city of Bangalore.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Penang Hokkien - part one

So I've been living here in India for a while now right? And not very often I get to speak non-English language, cause I don't speak neither Hindi nor Tamil or the other few hundred language here.

But then I stumbled onto this article, 'Pass on Penang Hokkien to Children'

And it's quite true lah, today alot of ppl in Penang don't want to speak hokkien in fear of being labeled ah beng or ah lian.

I actually rather love hokkien, and my understanding of the language deepened when I went to high school at Chung Ling. Even our discipline teacher spoke in hokkien only.

So let me bring up a few phrases I learned in high school.

Greetings the Penang Hokkien way:
KK = short for 'Keong Kan', meaning fuck/srew in a swearing manner.
To form a swearing sentence, you say, 'ki keong kan la lu'. meaning to go screw yourself. But always said by the youth to sound cool. So can be use in a friendly or hostile manner.

Le ma Le = a form of asking about the well being of other people's mother, but not in a good way.... so by no means if you see a really big ah beng with tattoos all over and you go 'le ma le'. that'll get you into trouble.

Anatomy the Penang Hokkien way:
Cibai = which mean vagina or cunt. But usually you will hear this word come with an adjective, usually smelly. So you will usually hear the words 'chao' and 'cibai' together to mean smelly cunt.Young kids tend to say it for fun, but say this to a woman and you're just waiting to get slapped.

Lan Ciao or Lan Jiao = which means penis or cock. But you don't hear the adjective of smelly added to it. So makes you wonder why vagina is smelly in hokkien and nothing to describe a penis. Actually the direct translation of the words can mean either, blue bird or human bird. hmm... human big bird from sesame st is 'tua lan jiao;?

Actions said the hokkien way:
Pang sai = to do a number 2, sit on the crown..... to shit basically. So in today's mixed hokklish way to say is, 'I go pang sai'.

Lao sai = now this is a more serious form of shitting. In medical terms it is called Diarrhoea. But if you really want people to make way for you when going to the toilet, shout 'Wah Beh Lao Sai Liao'. See the people scram as they avoid being collateral damage to your spread of brown waste.

So I hope as a start I am doing my part to bring the Penang Hokkien back to your children and the masses.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Underwear Salesman not allowed at protest concert

So today i woke up, casually do the usual stuff I do in the morning.... and since I'm in India I check on latest news happening back home in Malaysia.

so the usual stuff happening in Malaysia, you know. Our former deputy prime minister and probably future prime minister loves boys, our current prime minister can't do much about the political bickering because he's useless.... and then I chance upon the below title...

Pants pulled down: Organizers to 'probe' incident. Hmm... talking about Anwar again? Why so many? Then further down the page.... Samy Vellu 'slams' former protege. Oh my.... Didn't know Anwar and Samy played on the same team! Looks like the Malaysian press really likes to cover our politician's personal 'interest' these days.

But as I cleared from my stupor of sleepiness.... I noticed it's about something else. It was just a rock star/boxer short salesman showing his affection to the public. Yes Sir.

The affectionate culprit is Alak of the rock band Carburetor Dung. The crime of passion is trying to sell boxer shorts at a protest concert organized by PKR. The accusers? People who likes tighty whiteys instead of boxer shorts.

This is the code they go by.

But how can we blame them when the tighty whitey corporation brings out the big guns like david beckham.

Of course boxer shorts Sdn Bhd have their spokesperson in the form of...... wait for it..... wait for it.....


It's sad to read that bottles and underwear got thrown at the guy, and later the organizers had to apologize to the crowd.

Malaysians are Civil minded and well mannered, not a bunch of bottle and underwear throwing hooligans. The guy was obviously high on something when he decided to moon a bunch of youth with strong religious beliefs..... but look at Janet and Justin at the superbowl. All they got was 'tsk tsk, how could they!' And look at Justin now! Superstar! He'd probably do it all over again as long as he is not in Malaysia.

Well, as Malaysians we've already missed out on quite a number of good concerts because they were deemed 'inappropriate'. Hopefully one day, Malaysians, esp the powers that be, can be more open minded.

I wonder if the below happened the same 'hoo-haa' would have come up. :) Thongs anyone?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Muppets of Sesame Street

In today's society, when kids wanna learn stuff they go on the world wide web and just google. In the not so older days, we watched Sesame Street.

Granted today, i guess kids still watch Sesame street but I bet not as much as I did. Everyday from 4:30 to 5:30 on Channel RTM one, I'd sit down and watch some of the Sesame Street characters teach me ABCs and 123s.

Which was your favorite muppet on sesame street? I bet alot of people are going to say Elmo. But I might be wrong. Mine is still Oscar the Grouch, he's like this cool puppet that taught kids how to be grouchy instead of always being nice.

But do you know? Sesame St is not just a simple children's program. No sir, and just like Smurfs in my last article may hold other meanings to it.

Let's start with everybody's favorite 'guy' friends. Ernie and Bert. heh.

Bert & Ernie

So these 2 guys were living together, always hanging out, always merry and gay. And boy, did Ernie loved his dubber duckie while Bert was always fascinated by pigeons. hmm... bothe men loved each other's birdie too.... and maybe once in a while, you see them walking along the gay pride parade... They also inspired generations of men, spanning from...

Then speaking of birds, there's the biggest one of them all in Sesame St. Of course I'm talking of Big Bird, the big yellow feathery long necked big feet bird.

Big Bird

Big bird is one of the most important characters in sesame street, and I'm sure he touched alot of people's life. And I think Kenny Sia is one of them, because he's always saying he's got a big bird on him and also had it to show on one of his blog post, zhng my penis. overcompensation maybe?

Cookie Monster

And of coz, cookie monster inspired a whole generation of kids to go, 'cookie, cookie, I want Cookie', instead of 'p*ki, P*ki, I want P*ki'. (wait, bert and ernie might have something to do with this too)

So the kids that worshiped cookie monster when they were watching sesame st turned into the below instead of searching for poonani when they grew up.
Kids, this is what happens to you when you go looking for cookies instead of p*ki.

Count Von Count

Of course, there is the ever counting Count von Count. He thought kids how to add, divide, multiple, and that lighting and thunder effect and the end of every count of his is just amazing to me when I was kid.

And you know who Count von count inspired, all our hardworking Ah Long in Malaysia.


he's just everyone's favorite sesame st muppet, isn't he? So cute.

And Elmo, ah, Elmo. Well, he's just so cute that he pleases everyone.

So what do you think happens when Elmo, Cookie monster and Count von count goes out and have a few beers?

At the end of the night, it will be Count von Count, lying on his back counting stars as Elmo tries to find big bird while cookie monster takes ernie and bert's advice on where to find chocolatefudge cookie in the back alley. Can't picture it? Scroll down below....


Can you picture it now? LOL.

Thanks for reading, I hope I've not screwed up too much of your childhood images. Leave a comment before you go! :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Achmed the Dead Terrorist - SILENCE! I KILL U!

Today will be a short post. I was introduced to Achmed on a Sunday morning, and it just made me laughed my head off.

So if you are looking at cheering up a lousy day at work, or just have some spare time click on the video below and laugh away.

Silence! I Kill U!

Cracks me up.... If you liked Achmed and want to hear him say that everyday. Download this file Achmed.wav as your msg tone or ring tone. Or if your boss/husband/wife/gf/bf/life partner gets too annoying, just let 'er rip. And sheepishly tell him/her it's just your phone. *grin*

other Achmed.wav files (right click and save link as to download)
Achmed_I_kill_you_highpitch & laugh.wav