Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here's looking at you, mom & dad!

Recently, I made a resolution to look at my mom and dad more.

Why you ask? Is it because I'm living in a foreign land and do not have as much opportunity like before?

Not really, I notice I've not properly looked at my mee & dee (as they are affectionately called) for quite some time.

During high school I was busy chasing after girls, so no time to look at them.

During college I was too busy partying with friends, so no time to look at them.

During work I was too busy chasing after the root of all evil, so no time to look at them also.

Yes, we lived under the same roof and I see them everyday. But never took a good look at them during all those years. Now I can't remember how they looked like back then, or it could just be bad memory on my part.

Recently while I was back in Penang, I started snapping pictures of my dad and I noticed wrinkles I've never seen, and a dozen more strands of gray hair in place of black ones.

I instantly felt a tinge of sadness, not because they are growing older but how I never properly looked at them while it happened.

Ask any parents and they will remember the years looking at you grow up, images that are forever stored in their minds. So why can't we, the children do the same?

So, like the title. Here's looking at you mee and dee. :) love ya both.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Penang Islanderism

Recently while back home in Penang Island, me and my friends had a discussion about how most Islanders rarely travels to the mainland unless necessary, like for work or visiting relatives.

And similarily, a brilliant article from the blog MALAYSIANISM came up, read all about it here.

*warning* my views may be entirely bias, due to the fact that I have been living only on the Island almost all my life.

So here's my personal take on why islanders seldom visit mainland Penang.

Anytime you feel like visiting the beach, you can do so.
If you feel like escaping the heat and be nearer to nature, there's always penang hill.

 For Shoppaholics there is always gurney plaza.

For food you have your snobbish but FAMOUS hawker food. (notice most of the hawker food have that adjective added to their sign?)
For Entertainment at night you can goto Slippery Senioritas. What? SS nobody goes anymore you tell me? I'm so 'out'? ok lor, then you can goto MOIS lor.

And pirated DVD @ Rm4 suits the 'frugality' of the Penang lifesytle.

So when Penangites on the island have pretty much everything available, there's really little incentive to travel 13km over the bridge.

But now my friend has taken Penang-islandism to a whole new level. Have you ever heard of area/postal discrimination?  No? Do you know the area code 90210? Well, think of it as Penang's version. Georgetown postal codes are more desired over say.... Batu Maung. :P

This conversation came up because I'm about to move to a new home in Batu Maung, and jokingly my friends said they'll visit me less now.... boohoo....

Here's a diagram I drew up of what I think of Penang Islanderism.

KNN, this brings discrimination to a whole new level. But.... that's just how we Penangites are. *grin*

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Wall Climbing dog

One of the things I miss when I'm back here in Bangalore is my dog. Ah, man's best friend. (ok ok, Women's too. Poo poo to all these gender equality crap)

I remember bringing her back home prior to Christmas of 2005.

She was a sad puppy back then cause she had to be separated from her brother, but so adorable and cute.

Now at 3 years old, she's all grown up.

Though I've not been around, but on the day I reached home from Bangalore. She could still remember me, with her tail wagging rapidly away.

Dad told me she's been quite a bitch, leaving behind trails of faeces for my dad to pick up. But she did learn quite a few new tricks. Imagine my surprise in the morning when she brought me the newspaper. (don't have the pic because my phone crahsed and all the pics died along with it)

So what else can husky do?

She jumps.
She runs like the wind around the house(imagine the horse racing tune playing)
And she terrorizes tennis balls.

Those are things that are pretty common to a mongrel. But I also believe she is the reincarnation of a spider.
Why do I think so? Because she climbs walls! Don't believe me? see for yourself.
Walking on the wall.
On the way down from the wall.

So just like uncle Ben told peter parker, I said it to my dog too....

I miss my dog.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Venus's Full and Soft Breast Leads you Heaven

Do you know what a Venus Pillow is?

No, it's not a pillow from venus nor is it a pillow for a girl named Venus.
Hint: My friends got it for me as a b'day gift when they were travelling in Japan.

Most guys should figure it out by now..... cause this is how the male brain operates.
My dear friends, in fear of me being lonely while I am in India got me this.
VENUS PILLOW:Full and soft breast leads you heaven (just try to touch!) OMG!!!
Front cover
Back cover

Tagline: Bury your head in her breast and you'll be a good sleeper.
(I'm assuming that the 'HER' here is referring to VENUS)

And again they remind you that full and soft breast leads you heaven.
(no need to pray dee, just get full and soft breast can go heaven liao)

So what can you do with the Venus Pillow?
Bury your face in it 'FOR NAP'
Sit on it 'AS CUSHION'
and of course every guys all time favourite 'TOUCH!' with an exclamation.
Now the inventor of the 'VENUS PILLOW' must really like boobies, and he/she knows his/her fellow humans would love to NAP, CUSHION and TOUCH! on rubber synthetic breasts.
I guess there are so many theories on why men are so fascinated with breast.

Many people say because men were breast feed when young and deep within our psyche we yearn for them even after we grow up.

But how do you explain the guys that weren't breast fed? Easy, they never tasted it and wanted to try it out. And like pringles, once you pop you can't stop?

So did I sleep on it? - no
So did I sit on it? - no
So did I touch it? - yes
What? I'm a guy!
*Muny wonders why they made the nipples so pink? looks like cherries.

Did I take it back to India? No. Did not want to get stopped by the customs officers in the Bangalore airport. Did I want to take it back? Hell Ya! LOL.

Just imagine the conversation with the customs officer.

Officer: What is this?
Me: Venus Pillow sir.
Officer: They look like boobies
Me: Yes sir, but they are not real boobies
Officer:You don't like real boobies?
Me: No sir, I like them very much.
Officer: So you don't like these?
Me: Yes sir.
Officer: Can I keep them?
Me: .....
Officer: no?
Me: ...........erm,sure.
Office: I'll go heaven tonight.
Me: I bet you will......

I mean, just look at how it is compared to an ordinary pillow.
I hope my por por when staying over at our place doesn't accidentally find it. :)
So why did the Japanese guys call it VENUS pillow?



Well, Thanks again to HL and CH for a thoughtful gift. But I think I'll still stay true to the real thing instead.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Weight Gain ala Penang style

In the final week of my stay in Penang, I knew I was going to pig out on food.

Though I've had steady intake of scrumptious Penang hawker food through out the first 2 weeks in Penang, I never really gained any weight...... until I went on a food rampage.

On the week starting 15th Sept, I weigh at 64kg.
The rest of the decisions were made by my stomach.....
I had Penang CKT for breakfast

Lean Yee Lam Mee too

not forgetting Sri Bahari Rd Loh Bak

For Lunch I had Penang Rd Chicken Rice

followed by Wantan Mee

Tarpao Nasi Lemak on Beach St

tea time Pancake at Paddington's

Dinner with Roast Piglet at CRC

Not forgetting my veg intakes

Ate Mooncakes for dessert

Pork Knuckles at Ingolf for supper

Gurney Drive Rojak to wash it all down

Ok ok, I did not have all these in 1 day. But they were food I gobbled up during the last week on the Island. There were many other food like Laksa, Ice Kacang, Chendol, Hokkien Mee, Curry Mee, Koay Teow Th'ng, Char Koay Kak, Ice Cream, Roti Canai, Maggi Goreng, Beef Soup noodles........ I can go on and on.... Did not take any pics because I was just too busy stuffing my face.

So after all the food intake, this is my current weight.
67kg as of 21st Sept.
3kilograms in 1 week, that's a new high for me. :) But it's a happy high.

Do not attempt this, the individual went through proper C.E.O (chief eating officer) training in order to perform the face stuffin exercise.

*update* my doctor just called, my cholesterol is high and I have a fat liver. Geez.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Back in Bangalore

After 3 weeks of stuffin myself like a pig in Penang, I am now back in Bangalore.

It's 1.42am now and I just finished unpacking and am ready to goto bed, but before I do that....

I want to rant about the new Bangalore International airport.

Given the new location, it is a HUGE improvement from the old aiport. People who travelled to Bangalore prior to the new airpor will know what I mean once they see it.

Though the facility got upgraded, the luggage process did not. I still had to wait for almost an hour before my luggage appeared on the belt... sigh....

ok, i'm tired and that's my only rant. I have a few more things from Penang I still want to post. Will do it in the next few days, that is if work doesn't kill me first. Last email count I check on my work mail box, 146 unread emails. And that was only from Friday..... DIE.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I screwed up my 'first time' with tiffany's

As the old saying goes, there is always a first time for everything.

And sometimes that 'first time' can be good, and sometimes it can be a mess.

Well, I made a mess with my first time with Tiffany's.

Due to me not being in Malaysia, I had to delay my gf's birthday gift until I got back here for my short break. Well, some of you may say that I could have been more creative and still get her something for her birthday. And you are right, I'm just unimaginative and lazy. Booo hooo.

Anyways.... so I was mulling over the gift options. I know she loved bags, shoes and cute accessories. I know she got herself a charm bracelet from Tiffany's and wants to add some company to the lonely charm that hangs on the bracelet.
So I made up my mind to get an additional Charm for her. So decision made, should be easy after this right? Guess again.

Surfing onto the Tiffany's website added to my agony, so many charms!??!!? Sometimes I wonder how women store soooo many things in their brains.... it amazes me.

So I after navigating myself through the maze of charms available, it came down to 3 choices.

1. Scotty Tag Charm. Since she wanted a puppy, I thought this would be great since it fulfills both the puppy and charm needs. No? yea yea, I'm a guy, don't blame me for thinking that way.

2.Four Leaf Clover Charm. I thought she's dating me, she's gonna need all the luck she can get no? I can see a slap coming my way from several friends......

3. Cupcake Charm. Since she loves cupcakes, and it's cute....

So which one did I get her?

I made my mind up on option 3. Thanks CH & HL for helping me purchase it while I was away.

So where did I screw up?

Apparantly....... not all charms go on all bracelets. The designers at Tiff's had a whole other grand idea of confusing the male population by designing specific charm for specific bracelets. Boooo ..... (ok lah, so it was my fault for not doing enough research)

So if I went with option 1 or 2, I'd be right on the spot and the charm will be hanging nicely on the bracelet now. But instead.... it's hanging on a necklace and now forever reminding me of the blunder I've made everytime we go out.

Yes, suggestions of acquiring another charm bracelet have come up. But I'll have to wait until the ink on the money i'm printing dries or when tifanny's start accepting Malaysian Ringgit with the words 'Contoh' printed on them.

Lesson of the day is, guys, as my gf puts it, pass the money instead of buying the present if you don't know what to get. booo.....