Saturday, November 29, 2008

MunY Movies: Twilight

Ok, so this is going to be my book and movie review of Twilight.

It just so happens I picked up the book around 4 weeks ago and finished it only sometime last week, and I watched the movie today.

Twlight is first of 4 books by Steph Meyer. The other 3 are new moon, eclipse and breaking dawn.

I picked up the book only knowing that it involves vampire and was expecting an Anne Rice type read. Oh boy.... I was so x 1000 wrong! Instead of thrilling and ominous, I got sweet valley high.......

So walking into the movie, I was already expecting the same. The first hour of the movie is exactly like the first 100 pages of the book. It was like watching paint dry for me.... although I believe it will appeal to alot of tween readers and movie goers.

But I have to say that the book gives you a better description of events and feelings compared to the movie. They did alter a few scenes in the movie from the book, but I guess that is inevitable. Just like the harry potter series, if they tried to cramp every single aspect of the book into the movie, the length of the movie will be at least 5 hours or more.

Story Sypnosis: Isabella Swan is a human high school kid, Edward Cullen is a non human high school kid who's been 17 for 'awhile'. Theirs is the story of forbidden love, romeo and juliet.... how will the ill fated relationship draw out....?

In the first few scenes, where the Cullen family showed up.... the make up artist really tried TOO HARD to make them look pale. I wonder if they used the same make up artist that did the job for the Joker in Dark Knight..... Eventually they managed to tone done on the white face paint.....

The only scene I really enjoyed is when Bella went over to the Cullen's to meet the 'family'. Let's just say a few vampire jokes and meet the parents joke tickled my bones.

And because this is the first movie of four, you will probably see the sequels to it in the future.

So why did I go watch the movie even though I've read the book? My better half convinced me that it will be a good movie to watch together, and who am I to argue with my better half?

My rating for the movie: Average watch
Watch it if you are a girl.
Watch it if you like love stories.
Watch it if your better half asks you to.

Until the next movie, cheerio!

No more surprises? I Lied.....

Yes, in quoting Britney Spears. 'Oops, I did it again.

Remember I said I promised my gf I will not surprise her again in this previous post? Well.... I lied. But don't worry, my dog is still alive.  :-) 

I was 'suppose' to arrive in Penang, Friday 830p.m. But instead I got in at Friday 930 a.m. :) And by 12pm I gave the customary 'surpise!' call to my gf, with the customary response of 'I so hate you now!' from her. *grin*

So how did I manage to pull this off even though I sent through my itenary, with Singapore Airline's email confirmation on it?

Well, it is really like opportunity presented itself.  The flight I got booked on got cancelled by SIA, as they had to offer me a new flight. So I kinda used the post mentioned above as a red herring to erase any doubt that I will be arriving on the planned time. kekeke....

And I just took the first confirmation from SIA, sent it to her and that put any doubts to rest.

Guess after this, it's going to be really hard for me to do a 'surprise' again since she'll be very dilligent in her efforts to foil my efforts. hehe.  Boy that cried wolf, that's me.

It was all in good fun though, and I hope she sees it that way. :) 

Friday, November 28, 2008

Traveling during times of chaos... and being home in Penang

So as I am writing this, the horrific event in Mumbai is still ongoing. The last time I checked, the death toll is at 109. For me, I am just glad that I'm home... Yeah baby! I'm home!

But travelling during intense time like these gives you perspective of the peace we take for granted everyday. At the Bangalore International Aiport, you could see intensified security efforts. As I walked into the waiting area after passing through Imigration, you could see travellers sitting around the public TV area just watching the news that's only broadcasting about the Mumbai terror attacks.

It's definitely a scary time to be in India.

Did I mention I really dislike taking the midnight flight out of Bangalore? I only got like 2 hours of sleep due to the time difference and that in result zombifies me for the entire day. I just feel like zzzz.......

So why did I take this flight? Well, SIA cancelled the original flight I booked for Friday morning flight. When they called and informed me of the cancellation, they 'offered' me a change to a Thursday or Friday night flight. I wanted to take Friday but was told it is fully booked. I mean, wtf? Why did they 'offer' me Friday if it's already fully booked??? Weird.

So I got into Singapore today at 6am in the Morning, the lack of sleep guided me to the nearest starbucks counter and I gulped down a cuppa Cafe Mocha. My first starbucks in 2 months, and it was well worth the S$4.8 paid. After that it was fulfilling all the shopping requirements that was requested upon me.

Moet Champagne - check
Return to Tifanny's Charm Bracelet - check
Virginia Slim Methols - check

I did the shopping in my daze, oh I just wish I could just lean on one of the pillars in the airport and just drift off to zzzz land. But wait, what is this is see? This dude walking like 100meters in front of me suddenly starts puking water on the pillar!!! Shit!!! Thank god it's not like the gooey type of puke with chunks of food on them.... Then the dudes continues walking and when he reaches the next pillar, he goes again! It's like a scene out of the horror movie 'price of darkness'!

After the second puke he decides to rush off to the washroom, good thing there were no collateral damages when water came gushing out of his mouth. No man or animal got hurt, only the pillars at Terminal 2 in Changi Airport. So the next time you think about sitting down at a pillar in a crowded airport........

So after 2 hours of loitering in Changi, it's time to fly back to Penang! Slept halfway through the flight, so that makes my total sleeping hours to 3 hours....... still need at least another 2 at least......

Then when I reached Penang International Aiport, I see a lady holding a paper with my name and 4 other people on it. And this is right off the plane, not at the waiting area but just right after the connecting tube from the plane. First thought running through my mind? Busted! Wait.... but for what? I didn't take anything illegal back, or did I? That was the monologue running through my head at the time.

Well, turns out..... SIA screwed up my baggage and sent it to KL instead! This is the first time an incident like this has happened to me while flying with SIA. One of my friends in facebook actually commented that the current chaotic situation had led to this series of unfortunate events.

Well, good thing is they've finally delivered the bag to my residence and I have clean underwear now, also I got additional 90 minutes of Shuteye when my work laptop battery died on me.... coz my adapter is in the luggage lah. Now I have to get back to work because I have the power adapter to charge my work laptop.

But before I sign off, remember I said I won't surprise my gf again in this post? I lied. :P Write more about it in my next post. :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Another terror attack here in India.....

Another terror attack here in India, this time in Mumbai.

Terror Attacks in Mumbai, 90 dead over 900 injured

And to think I just got back from Mumbai 24 hours ago from a meeting. Another close shave, just like the time when there was a terrorist attack in Bangalore.

Just this morning I have 2 friends asking me if I am alright. Well, yes I am. Since Mumbai is 1 and half hours flight from Bangalore the Terrorist didn't manage to get me. *whew* Thanks guys for caring! My mom and dad might not have seen the news yet.

But it beckons the question, 'Is it still safe to be here in India?'

Every other month I've seen reports of terror attacks here, and this is the worst so far. Is the economic crisis bringing out the looney bins?

Btw, you can blame everything from natural disaster to infertility on the economic crisis now.

'Why are you not hitting your sales numbers?'
answer: economic crisis causing clients to cut spending

'Why can't you get it up tonight honey?'
answer: economic crisis causing stress on little bob

But I digress...... back to terror attacks in India. After this round for attacks, makes me wonder how long more should I be staying here? I don't know, maybe I should start talking to my boss about moving back.

It's a good thing I'm flying back tomorrow, at least I'll be away from all these craziness for a while.

I'm hoping for the best, and my prayers go out to all those in Mumbai right now. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Citi bailout, my relief...

So I have not been writing since my last post. Why? Standard answers would be work and laziness.... and it was both.

I just got back from Mumbai on a late flight and super tired from a full day's meeting today and retail shop visits yesterday. But I had to say I at least felt relieved on the way back.

Not because of work being done, because work can never finish in hell. Yes, I work for the devil. Who doesn't? No, the reason I felt relieved is knowing that when I got back here in Bangalore my $ in Citibank's saving account is still there.

Citi Dodges bullet

Not to say I have millions of dollars in the bank, but it is hard earned blood sweat money over the past 2 years here in India afterall. My sister likes to call it my 'lou por pun', but to me, it's just the MunY survival fund or my financial report card.....

The sheer anxiety that the current economic environment is just unprecedented, for me at least. And it could be my fault for not spreading my savings and investment in other financial institution, and laziness plays a part in that. But boy o boy, it sure is time to start spreading out your eggs in alot of baskets.

Crossing my fingers that we all weather through this storm, and come out wiser...... without having to pay too much a fee for the learning.

2 more days till I go home, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee......

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Surprises are no fun?

Surprise! is a concept I never really warmed up to.

Imagine this happening.....

I'm not the type of person who plans for surprises or fond of surprises. Although I appreciate the idea that one goes through to do something nice for another person, I also think surprises should be kept to a minimum.

Between me and my gf, she's the one with the better affinity for surprises. She's always advocating the idea. Well, me being me..... this always become a debate.

Yes ladies, I know you all like to be surprised with nice gifts and gesture. And if your partner is romantic enough he or she will spend time and effort to plan a pleasant surprise for you. But...... you would still like to have an idea of what that surprise is, right? Women are complicated....

Anyway, between Sept 07 and Sept 08 I've managed to surprise my gf at least twice. 'How?' you ask? Well, for me it was simple. I was already planning trips back home during those times, but I lied through my teeth so she would not expect and suspect me.

Well, you would have thought she would be happy and all to see me right? Hah! Wrong!

This was how the conversation went:

Me: Hi dear! I'm back!!!
Gf: What?!@#! Boh Ah Kai!!!(No brains) Why never tell me?

Me: ......... surprise? :P

Oh yeah, same conversation happened this year in Sept too.Dejavu? Perhaps... and this time I had to delete a comment from my blog to avoid detection! Sorry Ling Tze!!!  

So why did I bring this topic up?

Because..... you see..... in 8 days time I will be flying back to Penang to attend 2 of my dearest friend's wedding. And since the last trip, I swore on my dog's life to my gf that i will not surprise her again. (Don't go telling my dog)

But this time round, my gf just won't leave me alone. She keeps on thinking I'm just going to pop up a week earlier and do the whole surprise thing again!

No matter how hard I try to convince her, she won't believe me. That's the consequence of crying wolf more than once I suppose. So 3 days back I told her I'd send her my itenary, but between work and sleep I forgot all about it.... oh boy, did I ever get the evil MSN stare. She really thinks that I'm trying to trick her... again!

So finally, after hurling theories of me trying to buy time so I'd show up in Penang by tomorrow and me trying to fake a flight itenary, today, at 8pm IST I finally sent it after countless attempt to interogate me for the truth.

So people.... Lesson is, surprises can be good.... and bad. But most importantly, the good ones are mostly  determined by your partners... you have no say. :P

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Still the same old issues in Penang.....

Why can't we all learn to live in harmony? Is that not the picture we try to portray to the outside world?

Living here in India, I get to see alot of 'Malaysia, Truly Asia' ads flash by on CNN. And it always reminds me of good old Malaysia.

Then I go online, and see this on The Star Online.

Muslim Groups lodges report against Penang Deputy CM

It seems it's a respond to Ramasamy's comments about an imbalanced race ratio working in the civil service.

Niama, why lah why? Don't they know an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind?

UMNO dudes, don't get angry ... get even. If you think the statement is in fact untrue, get data to prove Mr Ramasamy wrong.

Maybe he shouldn't have mentioned UMNO, maybe all he should do is state the fact that there are more Malays in the civil service today... that would seem fairer no?

So maybe he should apologize to UMNO, but only if you have the right facts to show him. That indeed, over the past 50 years, the ruling party at the time did try to foster civil service blooming with different race and culture.

And about apologizing, maybe Ramasamy can take a page out of UMNO's playbook? Just follow former Bukit Bendera UMNO chief Ahmad Ismail's course of actions. Don't remember, read them here & here.

End of the day, we just want a peaceful country to live in. Regardless of Race, Creed or Religion. Don't you guys effing get it? Stop stirring the friggin pot already. Bunch of Morons.... :P

Sunday, November 16, 2008

MunY Movies: Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace, the 22nd Bond movie, exceeded my expectations. I liked it.

Daniel Craig reprises his role as a pouty lipped 007, and the movie follows through from the final scenes of Casino Royale. So if you did not watch Casino Royale you might get a wee bit confused by the turn of events.

The movie is excellent, all types of chasing. Car chase, Boat Chase, Plane chase, Man chase, Girl chase.... you name it, it's all there in Quantum of solace. you get to see the thrashing of an Aston Martin in the opening sequence.

And what is a bond movie without the ladies, right?

Introducing Olga Kurylenko. If she looks familiar, you would have seen her in the movie Hitman back in 2007 & *update* Max Payne in 2008(have not seen this, thx to Doris for pointing it out). And I've seen some people say that she's not attractive enough to be a bond girl, those are statements I have to utterly disagree with. Though she has a hard name to pronounce, she is hot, sexy and Russian. If I had to use one word to describe her, it would be 'Fuyoh!'

Then there is the brief appearance of Gemma Arterton, not seen her on any movies before. The bond movie also didn't do her justice with the image above, and giving her a name like 'Fields' and very little airtime. She'll probably be best remembered as the 'Oilfinger' girl in a 007 movie instead.....

And of course not forgetting Dame Judi Dench. She of course plays M, boss to 007. THE lady that's constantly in Bond's business. In one of the scenes, when Bond took a call from M, someone asked him 'your mother called?', Bond retorted with ' She wishes'. Classic....

But I have to say one thing about the movie, WHERE THE HELL IS Q???? Not there in CR, not here in QOS...... It is mandatory in a bond movie to show all the cool spy gadgets created by Q for Bond.... Bring Q back please.

What about the villians this time round? I think they were a bit not up to the villian par for James Bond movie, and his sidekick has a haircut borrowed from the three stooges.
Dominique Greene, Villain and Environmentalist.
Villain's sidekick, the fourth stooge.

And I like how the movie sets up the platform for the next one, the 2 villains up there are just henchmen of a larger organization called quantum. So the next 007 movie should be a blast, well, that's what I predict anyway.

Back to Quantum of Solace. My ratings for it: Good.

So if you like Bond movies, watch it.
If you like action movies, watch it.
If you like hot girls, watch it.
If you like Daniel Craig, watch it.

Until the next Bond Movie.... I leave you with a quote from the Villain, Dominique Green. Can you guess what resource he is referring to? :)

Dominic Greene: This is the world's most precious resource, we need to control as much of it as we can.

MunY Movies: Eagle Eye

When the first few scenes of Eagle Eye started, first thought that went through my head was 'not another US-Terrorist movie?'

I walked into the Cinema not reading any reviews or spoilers, so I really didn't know what to expect from the movie.

Only with the Knowledge that Shia LaBeouf(of transformer and Indiana Jones fame) and Michelle Monaghan (last seen in Made of Honour) is starring, and that it was on the US#1 movie list for some weeks. I was in for a thrilling ride.

The cast is rounded up by Billy Bob Thorton(Monsters Ball), Michael Chiklis(Fantastic Four) and Rosario Dawson( MIB II). Respectively playing FBI agent, US Secretary of Defense and US Airforce officer.

Plot is about 2 strangers, Jerry Shaw and Rachel Holloman getting thrown into a situation that would make the viewers think there is a planned terrorist attempt on US soil. They both get calls from a Woman voice with the tone similar to my very aggressive and instructive GPS guiding system.

The movie gives you a feeling of 'Big Brother'..... where your every single move and conversation can be recorded through surveilance machines or cellphones, and your behaviour and temperament can be analyzed through social networks and online patterns. Scary....

*Spoiler Alert*
If you do not want to know more about the plot of the movie, stop here and surf to other nonsensical articles I have in my blog.

Eagle Eye is actually a reference to a US developed super computer, ARIA. It controls everything from your microwave to your vibrators. It's primary function is to keep an eye out for terrorist activities and keep America safe from threat.

But when the US president made a WRONG decision to take out an innocent village, thinking the head of a terrorist group was there, ARIA determines that the current US govn is incompetent and a threat to national security... something like the Bush administration.... and decides to take them all out.

That's when Jerry and Rachel gets thrown into the plan to execute the President of the united states by a rogue computer.

It's hard not to see the subtext of the story telling, where it is saying the CURRENT US president made some really bad call, and should have been taken out alot earlier. I guess you know where the political preference of the writers lie. :)

The movie has some pretty cool chase scenes filled with Adrenaline pumping action, and the movie keeps you guessin until the end. Acting on the movie will not win any Academy awards, but I'd recommend watching this in a Cinema or a good surround sound system to enjoy the effects.

So if you are looking for some action thriller to pass your boring evening while your partner is out and about with friends..... this is a movie that worth grabbing off the shelve and watching.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Secrets are a powerful and potentially dangerous...

BOMBS! Secrets are like ticking bombs, you never know when they are going to blow up. And the more you have, the more deadly they are.

Everyone has secrets, it's part of human nature. We can't help but to keep certain info out of the limelight, or from certain individuals because it could be devastatingly harmful if used incorrectly.

For those of you that remember the x-filomania back in the 90s, the key phrase 'trust no one' seemingly keeps on reminding us the ugly nature of the human species.

There's an old chinese saying, 'If you do not want anyone to know, best not to do anything at all' ... loosely translated. Like having an affair, cheating on your girlfriend or betraying a friend. Secrets can hardly be kept under wraps, another old chinese saying goes, 'paper can not contain fire', eventually.... it gets out!

A moment of madness is all it's needed to have a sercret exposed. Human nature is such that we feed on other people's secret, curiosity has fueled the human race for ages.

Recently there's been some scandals involving Malaysian students in a video, and also a famous blogger about his personal life. Ever wonder how those secrets got leaked? I'm sure the person in question never intended to have their secrets revealed.

With technology today, nothing is really private anymore. Your life is like the gossip column in the newspaper if someone seeks to make it so. That's why I have friends who shun any social networking sites in fear of exposure.

Sometimes there are secrets we hope we never should have learned, because with them comes a burden. You never know when you might say the wrong thing, or because the info may bring you or your loved ones in harm's way.

Carrying any secret with you IS a burden, it's could feel like an elephant sitting on your chest. So when a friend tells you 'eh, you want to hear a secret?' Think carefully about the responsibility and burden that you might be heaped upon before saying yes.

Is this friend worth your effort to keep a secret? Or is this just another grapevine type news about someone whoring about in the office?

Ignorance is bliss, to a certain extent..... I guess.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Nokia India sucks!!!

I want to rant, and this goes out to Nokia India. You suck!

Your support service is a joke, and the people you appoint to do the job are a bunch of lazy ass and nonchalant imbeciles.

It took you 4 weeks to tell me my phone is in a state of non repair, another week to tell me I have to wait another week to promise me a new phone. And when I got my phone, it was not a new phone, but a phone that's been used by some Indian dude.

He took pictures of another Indian dude doing some stuff to some other Nokia N95 8GB, and also had like 171 Indian or Bengali songs loaded onto the phone.

This is unacceptable service, and I'm going back to the service center to give the manager there a piece of my mind. But I know all he'll do is shake his head and tell me there's nothing he can do, in his so ever nonchalant manner.

If not for my trusty sony ericsson K700i, I would have blown my top alot earlier.

Why don't you invest some of those marketing $ you use to convince us how good you are, and pour it back into training your support staff and partners?

Nokia India, you suck. Period.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Najib T-shirts? Anyone?

In a recent article from the star online, Don't get carried away with Obama, Kelantan Umno liaison chairman Tan Sri Annuar Musa mentioned he prefered Malaysians to wear T-Shirts bearing Datuk Seri Najibs name.

So I thought to myself, that's a great idea! Can make a ringgit or 2 off Najib-mania!

This is what I think the T-shirt should look like.

As suggested by Annuar, 'Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Soon to be our next PM & UMNO president'
Please support our 'admired' leaders through action of consumerism. 
On a totally unrelated t-shirt design to the one above......

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Week in Review - Hamilton, Obama and Flying pigs

Normally I would not do a week in review but this week saw a few historical events unfold.

In my earlier post, How F1 and the US presidential Election will affect the world economic crisis... I touched on both the possibilities of a new F1 champ and US president.

Let's start with F1.

on Nov 2nd, in Sao Paulo Brazil, Lewis Hamilton became the youngest F1 World Champion at the age 23years, 8mths and 26 days. And though race should not be a base of discussion, he is also the first black driver in F1 to become a world champion.

The final race is one of the most dramatic race I've seen, with the championship only decided in the final 30 seconds of the race. I was on the edge of my seat during that final 30 seconds, definitely a moment to remember.

Then following F1, it was the US Presidential election held on 4th of Nov.

Alot of expectations for Senator Barrack Obama going into this election, consensus was that he, without any unforeseen circumstances, should become the next presidential elect.

And America did not disappoint, by voting Obama to a landslide victory over his rival John McCain. Making him the first non-white president to take the oval office, though as many reports put it, race was not a factor during the election. If you believe it so to be true.

This also prompted the Malaysian PM to make a comment that a non-Malay PM is also possible in Malaysia..... yes, I believe it can happen! .That is also when genetic research advancement can make pigs take flight.

So 2 historic events that prompted my friend to call this year, 'The year of the blacks'. With the Venus sisters meeting in the final of Wimbledon and Venus eventually taking the title.

So I guess my prediction weren't that far off, now only if I could channel those clarevoyent powers of mine to predict the next lottery numbers......

Ohm..... mali..... mali.... Ohm........

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Have you met 'Dexter'?

When I mention the name Dexter, what image pops up to mind?


I think most peeps with kids at home with cartoon channels might think so, from the cartoon series 'Dexter's Laboratory'

But today I am talking about a different Dexter.

This guy.

Dexter is an American TV drama series currently into it's 3rd season, on the premium cable channel Showtime.

I stumbled upon the show one day when most of the TV series were on summer break and I needed new entertainment.

Not doing any background research and having absolutely no expectation of the show, it was definitely a pleasant surprise.

Dexter Morgan is a blood spatter analyst working for the Miami police department by day, and serial killer by night.

Yes, you read it right, SERIAL KILLER. But he only goes around killing bad guys that the law can't get, sorta like a vigilante superhero, just that he uses knives to cut up people and throw them into the deep end of the sea.

The show is definitely rated by me as excellent watch + NSFC (Not suitable for Children), not unless you're planning to plant ideas of serial killing into your kid's head as cool and acceptable.

I find the show interesting because, after watching so many tv series involving crime scene investigation and criminal profiling, this show gives the views and perspective from the serial killer instead.

The cast is fairly unknown in this region of the world, but I think the chemistry works well between all of them.
So if you have some time during the weekend that you want to pass, but not wanting to do any strenuous activities. Head on to the DVD store and pick up season 1 of Dexter. It's worth the kill watch.

Here's the trailer from Season 1.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Flu Virus! Attack!

Weather in Bangalore is changing, and I saw this coming a few days back when the sneezing started.

It was 'ah-choo' nation since Sunday, and today it's full blown attack by the flu virus. It's like the sneezing was a call to arms by the virus and once the flu army built up and overpowered my antibodies, I went down like the titanic.

My head feels like a ton of bricks and there are like hundreds of Congo drummers beating their drums inside of my head causing this massive headache that I've been experiencing the whole day.

Being alone in a foreign land when you are sick is the worse feeling ever, cause when you're home and if you're sick you still have your love ones to take care of you. But when you're all alone..... it sucks.

So I'm on alot of vitamin C and water for now, hopefully I'll recover by tonight and get back to work in the morning. The life of a corporate rat, the wheels keep on spinning and you just have to keep on running.

I'm going to bed now, been sleeping for the past 8 hours during the day. Hope that I'll still doze off after medication.

See ya all soon.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

You know times are bad when.....

....... you get into office in the morning and you see emails from your CEO and VP telling you big stuff like consumer confidence index ah... GDP growth ah.... budget control ah....

While reading the email, I noticed how well the words and sentences are crafted. I read stuff like, 'Streamlined workforce' (read, same amount of work, less people).... reduce non-people spending (read, less dinners and parties)

The last time I remember something like this was when I first joined the company back in 2001 during the dot com bust. That time I learned a new 3 letter word. No, not T.I.U or D.I.E. I found out what VSS meant.

Today, on top of Voluntary Separation, I learned a new phrase Involuntary Separation.

Voluntary Separation is like when celebrities are splitting up, and they use the words 'separation by mutual consent'. In actual fact is that they find each other surplus to their lives and no longer need the burden of each other, so both parties choose to part ways peacefully with a nice severance $ package for one party. Or the other way you can look at voluntary separation is that the company makes life so difficult for you that you WILL volunteer to separate yourself.

Voluntary Separation, the Dilbert Way.

Involuntary Separation is like Beyonce's song 'to the left'. The company out right tells you that you're no longer needed, kicks you in the balls and throws your clothes out on the street for you to rot in the financial winter.

Involuntary Separation, the Dilbert way.
There's also mention of unpaid leave for employees.... not a bad option if you don't have any financial burden.

Let's hope we all weather the storm, and come through this with as little bruises as possible.

Monday, November 3, 2008

F1 World Champion: Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is 2008 F1 World Champion!!!

Two words to sum up the race : Friggin Amazing.

One of the most dramatic finish to a race I've seen.

If you missed it, try catching the highlights.

It came down to the final lap and the final 30 seconds to determine the world championship.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hokkien Mee in a Packet

When you are living abroad, you tend to have a nostalgic needs for food that reminds you of home.

If you are from Malaysia, you'd probably be thinking Nasi Lemak, Bah Kut Teh, Nasi Kandar and so on...

Taking it a step further, if you are from Penang, you'd be thinking of Laksa, Hokkien Mee, Curry Mee, Char Koay Teow, Chee Cheong Fun, WantanMee, Rojak, Curry Mee, Hillside uncle burger, Penang Road Chendol, New World Park Ice Kacang...... and so on... but I digress.

If you are in a country where there's a Chinatown you might still find some of the above mentioned food. But living here in Bangalore there is NO Chinatown. Where are all the Chinese?!!?!??!

So what do I do when I think of food from home?

Many months ago, I have one of my friends or aka noodle mules bring me some instant noodles from home. You must be asking, 'Don't they sell instant noodles in India?'

They do, but the texture of the noodles here are very different from what I'm used to and the taste is also something that needs to be acquired.

Ok, getting back to my 'noodle mule' story. My colleague brought me Cintan Mee and other stuff like Bak Kua(dried bbq pork). And inside the 'home package' also sat this packet of wonder....

'Penang Har Mee'
Slogan: Ho Liao! (translated as 'very good')

Oh man, 6 months away from home and finally tasting this for the first time.... It was heavenly. No, it was not better than sex, but it was definitely heavenly.

Inside the packet it comes with your standard Ajinomoto that makes it oh so delicious, just ignore the balding effects afterwards.

Seasoning powder and Chili powder for the oomph!

Chili Oil and Soya Sauce for the taste

These are what we call 'Ewww Chang' in Penang. Or Fried Oily onions. (correct me if I'm wrong peeps)

The end product on a cold saturday morning will look like this.

*Eggs not include in packet

Enjoying this on a cold weekend morning while watching Grey's Anatomy or CSI is bliss. If you are more creative, you can add prawns and vegetables like the packacing suggest.

So if you are from Penang and you are planning to travel overseas for a long period of time, you can pack a few of these and cook them instantly when you're feeling nostalgic about home.

It's not the real McCoy, but it's as close as it gets. And it's for lazy people like me who can't cook even if his life depended on it.

So now I'm just waiting for Chendol in a Packet, Laksa in a Packet, Wantanmee in a Packet.... you get the drift...