Saturday, January 31, 2009

MunY Movies: Bride Wars

Bride wars is 100% chick flick, and yes, I watched it. Not because my gf forced me, but I wanted to as well.

How can you not want to watch Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson on the big screen having a cat fight? It's too good to pass by!

The story is about 2 best friends, Liv(Kate Hudson) and Emma(Anne Hathaway), who both share the same dream of having the perfect wedding in NY's The Plaza during June since they were first brougt there by their mothers.

So you can imagine what happens when both of them got engaged at the same time and started planning the wedding..... Initially everything was hunky dory because the wedding dates were different, but when a mix up of date happened, and they had to have the wedding on the same day..... the claws are out!

You will see a sequence of sabotage, priceless one would be a very orange colored Anne Hathaway walking in NYC.

Weddings are very scary, they turn the nicest people into monsters. Friends into Enemies. Angels to Demons. Yet, Women all over the world, especially the ones in the more developed countries continues to get brain washed on having the 'perfect' wedding.

Well, this movie is one of those propaganda. Get a Tifanny Ring, a Vera Wang wedding gown, millions and millions of flowers, else... your wedding is not perfect.

One more thing that makes you realise that this is a movie, if in real life, all the stunts that were pulled by the two girls were actually executed. No woman on earth will forgive the other..... and that's the reality, woman are less forgiving.....

I think it's a nice movie to watch with your partner, and prepare some tissues just in case.... I heard a few sniffles across the cinema.

My rating: Watchable chick flick

Watch it if
You are a fan of Anne Hathaway or Kate Hudson
You want to take a girl out on a date
Your partner asks you to

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

First and foremost, I am wishing everyone great health, good wealth and ongoing happiness in the year of the Ox.

The year of the Rat is coming to and end, and good ridance to it. The year was filled with sad and depressing news. Even on the final day of the lunar year, it had to throw some bad shit my way.

My family decided to return to Evergreen Laurel's Chinese restaurant to have our renuion dinner after last year's less than satisfying experience in Equatorial Hotel. We had our reunion dinners in Evergreen in 2006 and 2007.

This year is the last year we'll be going to Evergreen for our reunion dinner, because the experience is the worst I've experienced from a hotel ever!

Apparently, the management decided that it's a good time to rake in more revenue to cover for the economic downturn. And what better time to do it than CNY? Where in modern times, people prefer to dine out rather than slave it out in the kitchen.

One problem with that idea is, the management never planned for proper staff capacity. We got served 3, yes 3 effin' dishes in 3 hours. Service was slow, no waiter was around to even pour tea. The F&B manager tried to appease us by offering us a few bottles of cheap wine.......

But the last straw was an abalone dish that got served without abalone. My family decided to walk out and forsake the dinner. I thought we should not pay for such a bad service, but my uncle paid for what we had. So leaving on a half empty stomach, I got myself a prosperity burger instead.......

If I ever run into the GM of the hotel, he's definitely going to get some 'feedback' from me. They robbed me of one the experience I came back from India for, blardy bunch of arsehole. I don't blame the staff, I blame the idiotic management that did not do their planning.

So, good ridance to the year of the rat. Let's hope for the best and a great bull run in the year of the Ox!

Cheers everyone!

MunY Movies: Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

If vampires and werewolves is your cup of tea , then Underworld:Rise of the Lycans is probably just an average beverage for you.

A pre-quel to the Underworld franchise, this movie explains the ancient fued between the vampires and werewolves in the first 2 Underworld movie.

This week I have an overdose of British casts, First in Inkheart and now, I get the threesome of Michael Sheen, Bill Nighy and Rhona Mitra.

The movie explains the creation of the Lycans, werewolves created by the vampires to serve as slaves. Lucian, played by Michael Sheen, is the first of the Lycans. And history tells us that usually master/slave relationships tend to sour.

Underworld:ROTL also tells the story of what fueled the hatred of Lucian towards Viktor, ruling Vampire elder played by Bill Nighy. It was the forbidden love between Viktor's daughter, Sonja, played by the sexy Rhona Mitra and Lucian.

All these shot under very dark and blue lighting..... and no Kate Beckinsale.

I did not enjoy it one bit, there was an uncle in the cinema that actually started snoring into the first 40 minutes of the movie.

My rating: Poor

Watch it if

You are a fan of the underworld franchise
You are a vampire/werewolve lover
You are a sucker of Romeo/Juliet forbidden love stories

Thursday, January 22, 2009

MunY Movies: Inkheart

'The Pen is Mightier than the sword', I guess we have all heard this phrase before. Inkheart brings this term to a whole new level........ of boredom.

The story starts off by telling the viewers, there is a special breed of people in this world called silvertongue. Whatever they read out loud, will be brought into reality. Some of them don't know that they are silveretongues until it's too late.......

Mo Folcart (Brendan Frasier) is one of these 'silvertongues', and early in the movie you find him on mission to find a 'rare' book titled...... Inkheart (what else?)

*spoiler alert*
12 years ago, he accidentally read out loud the story of inkheart and brought the villians of the book to real life and sent his wife the other direction. So now he is a man on mission, trying to get his wife back to reality.

He teams up with dustfinger(Paul Bettany), a fire breather/thrower/juggler who was also transported to reality and is eager to find a way home to his family.

The last copy of the book got burned by the villian Capricon, so they have to find the author in Italy for the first manuscript in order for Mo to read it out loud to defeat the Villian and send dustfinger back home, at the same time saving his wife.

Well, the daugther gets caught, but apparantly inherit's Mo's unique abilities. And in the end, she re-wrote the ending of the story for a happily-ever-after.


Why? I find the story ordinary, the cast without chemistry, and Brandon Frasier out of place in a sea full of British Accent. So many questions, but I'm too lazy to ask. Helen Miren sadly did not do much in the movie except for being crazy book collector that mumbles to herself.......

The only saving grace of the movie is the scenery...... and that's about all I can say about it.

Ironic part of the movie is emphasizing so much on reading, while we are sitting in front of the screen watching the movie instead of reading the actual book.

My rating: Poor Average

Watch it if

You have read the book and like to get a visualization of it
You are a fan of Brandon Frasier or Helen Miren
You just want to spend time with your partner who enjoys the fantasy genre

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Home is where the heart (& stomach) resides....

So, if you followed my recent entries.... you would have seen the dramatic loops I had to go through just to get back to Penang.

Since then I have not updated anything in my blog, mainly because I've just been busy enjoying the comforts of home, and at the same time working my lame ass off. Oh, and busy stuffing my face with food.

Had few things on my mind to write about, but key thing is to inform everyone I'm safe and sound... back in Penang.

And I had this

and this on the first day I reached.

The CKT was awesome...... for Rm8 it's a bit pricy but totally worth it. The ABC or Ice kacang was just great in Penang where the temp is humid and hot.....

I bought a lottery ticket while having breakfast on the day I reached, lucky me got Rm30 on the spot. So if I actually win the grand prize I don't plan to go back to India. kekeke... 
here's the ticket that paid for my CKT and Icekacang, bought it because there are alot of 5s!!! 

Some people are always cynical about lottery, because they know the odds. But what is life without hope? So here's to hoping......

I'm already counting the days left here in Penang...... damn it! Bigsweep please make my day on 25th!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Worst Sausage sandwich ever.....

So I arrived in KL international airport at 7am in the morning, the lack of sleep triggered my brain to go look for coffee.

It was like I heard the siren's call from the starbux logo, and helplessly wandered towards the counter like a moth to a lightbulb.

Once I reached the counter, I saw a picture of 3 juicy sandwiches staring at me. That's when my stomach started it's own siren call as well.

Unable to resist the rumblings of my stomach, I ordered a sausage omelet sandwich and my usual hot cuppa mocha.

The picture of the sandwich offered something like this......

And I got this.......

Where the effin hell is the omelet???

And it tastes just as bad as it looks. Stale, soggy and no taste whatsoever......I wonder if this only happens in Malaysia?? The watered down effect after every friggin food brand comes here.

So is this the worst sandwich ever? For the price I paid, hell ya! Starbucks you suck! (ooo... it rhymes)

So, the next time you are at a starbux and you feel hungry...... I'd advise you just skip the breakfast. At least the ones in coffee bean looks like the ad. bah.....

Too close to call.....but I made it

Yesterday, I talked about how I might miss my flight back home due to the Visa issue I had.

Yes, HAD. :)

The last 12 hours were pretty stressful, not knowing if I would get my visa renewed on time because everything boils down one single letter that is suppose to arrive at 12 noon. You can read about it here .

Let me tell you about the events that transpired today.

I woke up in the morning full of hope, that the Indian courier dude will come through with my letter of approval. I even mumbled a prayer before leaving for work. Stress level at 9am in the morning = 2. The morning went by pretty fast, and before I knew it. Dong dong dong, and it's already noon!!!!

I was expecting my phone to ring, and hearing the good news from the lady that's helping me with the arrangement...... tick tick tick..... seconds passed........ tick tick tick......... seconds turned into minutes....... tick, ok ok, I know you got the picture. 45 minutes later, at 12:45pm IST I could wait no more. I dialed the lady....

7 'tut tuuuut' later..... I heard ..... ' please leave a msg after the beep. I went, 'What the *Beep*!' Stress level now elevated to 3.

ok lah, maybe she went out for lunch.........I tried to focus back on work and continue being hopeful......  stress level continued to be at 3......

The time displaying on the bottom right hand side of my laptop screen keeps on taunting me......... so at 2pm,  I called again and I finally got her. But...... the letter's not here yet!!!!!!! Stress level went from 3 to 5......

At this point my boss and colleagues could probably see green veins popping out of my forehead. And my boss jokingly mentioned that, just like in the movie 'slumdog millionaire', that my fate was already written.

Defiant as usual, I refuse to believe that. And continued hoping........ because, what is life without hope right? :P

Then, at 4pm...... my phone rang. I picked up the phone, it was the lady from the agency..... I was expecting good news...... and she told me the letter is still not yet in their hands!!!! But..... yes, there's a but..... it will be with them by 430pm and they requested me to be ready in order to head to the police commissioners office to get my visa renewed.

After getting off the phone, I told my colleagues and boss the good news. But they looked at me in a beleaguered way, and told me that most govn offices close down by 4:30pm. WTF?!?!?!?! Stress level spilling over into 6........

I had to be hopeful, can't give up with the finish line in sight. So I quickly ran out to get an auto rickshaw. The rickshaw driver, sensing my desperation at that time decided to ask for Rs10 more on top of the meter! Argh.... Time was precious, I was in no mood to haggle. I gave in. Curse you auto-wallas, may your future generation get overcharged while on public transport as well!!!!

Friday evening traffic in Bangalore is a killer....... and today it was no different..... After much maneuvering, I finally reached the commissioner's office by 5:15pm. Saw the man from the agency that's been helping me with renewal for the past 2 years, I thought it would finally be over!

I went through the formalities, got the form and letter, had the police commissioner sign on the form and it's time to get my Visa renewed. He asked me how much I paid for the letter? I went, 'huh?' and just told him I didn't pay anything......he signed, and that should be it!  Or was it?

I approached one of the clerks, and requested for my visa renewal and showed him my documents.

And the following conversation ensued

Clerk: Where are you from?
Me: Malaysia
Clerk: Come back tomorrow.
At this point, imagine my face turning pale white.....
Me: Why?
Clerk: person handling Malaysia on leave today.....
Stress level now =8.5

I was advise to go back to the police commissioner for 'permission'. So I went back in to the guys office, and he looked at me and started yelling, 'WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? YOU COME AT 5PM, WHAT CAN WE DO? GO ASK THE CLERK AGAIN?

stress level = 9.5, I think if I reach 10 then I'd probably get a stroke and pass out.

You would probably be asking by now, why not just postpone your trip to the next day? My dear friends, when you can hear Penang food calling you, you just have to try everything in the book before giving up.

So I went through a merry-go-round of clerks, after trying everything in my book. i.e pleading and groveling, the clerk would still not do it.

But in India, everyone is very civil and everything is possible. And Ghandi came to my rescue, convincing the clerk to push my visa through.

Here's a picture of Ghandi btw.......

Yes, that's Ghandi on the right.....

oh thank you so much Ghandi! Not only did you get my Visa renewed on time, you also helped me get a one year extension instead of 3 months.

But the wait for the stamp was a killer..... not until the ink hit the paper, I was still skeptical.But by 6:30pm, I had the stamp on my passport and my residential permit. Stress level..... subsiding.

That, ladies and gent...... is the story of How MunY got his Visa back. Truth is, my stress level was still pretty high when I reached the airport, the words of my boss echoing through my head..... 'It's written Andrew'

So there might be a chance I might not get to leave India tonight...... like suddenly my name appears on the no fly list because it's similar to a terrorist's, or some hash mysteriously appears in my bag and I get detained, or.... or....... or I was just over neurotic again.

But here I am, sitting in Bengaluru International Airport recounting the events of the day. Someone once told me, in India anything's possible. Oh wait, was that America? Anyway, either country.... I sure believe it now!

So look out Char Koay Teow and Hokkien Mee, I'm on my way back to get you! (of coz, you my dear friends and family too lah)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

cutting it pretty close......

I'm scheduled for a flight back to Penang on Friday Evening/Sat Morning..... My visa expired back on 31st of Dec so I had to renew it.

I got in touch with the agency that handles stuff like these for me way back in Nov..... thinking it would be more than enough time to get my Visa renewed before going back home for CNY.

Wouldn't you know it, up till today I'm still sweating on the status of my visa.

Over the past week I have been following up with the lady that's handling this whole fiasco, and today I got a call from here at 6pm saying that they have obtained the approval.

Yay! right? No...... there's more.

She told me 90% is done, the other 10% that could affect the outcome of me getting this whole thing done is in the hands of the courier that is sending the document from Delhi. I went, WTF!!!! (ok, so I didn't go hulk smash on her)

So now, my fate is in the hands of a courier. Though it's not a matter of life and death, the thought that the outcome of me getting back home lies with some Indian courier dude that might decide to stop by a shop and have chai, missing his bus or plane, or either having a stray dog or monkey stealing the document under him is going to give me jitters and raise my anxiety level to a very uncomfy level.

Soooooo many friggin things can go wrong! on top of the scenario above of missing buses or plans, or the document getting kidnapped by wildlife..... how about suddenly terrorist decides to come out and play tomorrow? Or thunderstorm hits and delays all flights! Or if he gets seduced by Shilpa Shetty?? I'm so screwed!

ok, maybe I'm just going abit neurotic here. But.... but..... my fate lies in the hand of an Indian courier dude.... I've never felt so helpless........

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Best Job in the world!!!

I kid you not, this is the best job in the world at the moment. Better than Hugh Hefners? That's up for discussion..... but I digress.....

You get to swim in emerald clear waters, walk on white sandy beach, bask in the sun, snorkel around the great barrier reef....... and you earn AUD150k, for just 6 months work. Thrown in for free, without rent, is a villa with 3 rooms and a pool.

Queensland tourism board just launched their campaign looking for someone to look after Hamilton Island on the great barrier reef. All you need to do is blog about your life there, meet the press, and try out every activity you can think of on the island. Sounds too good to be true? Don't believe me? I did not believe it myself when I first heard about it. (see the video)

The official website, is already down due to an overload of visits (46 hits per second on the website - CNN)

I have to admit, it is a great PR campaign by the Queensland board of tourism. Raises great awareness to the tourism and at the same time makes corporate rats like me drool........

How do you apply? Just make a video of yourself, and tell these nice people down under why you should be the one chosen for this dream job. (reality show alert!!!)

All the crap that we currently have on our CV now, ie 'Recognition award for successfully completing project waste-of-time' or MBA from Ah Long financial institution, is going to be useless in this job interview.

There's even an article, how to land dream island job that teaches you how to get the best job in the world. read about it here.

Oh, and you don't have to have to look like Pamela Anderson or Brad Pitt to qualify. All they are looking for is someone who has relevant experience, good communication and willing to try new things..... you have to be above 18.

If you are sick of your current job and boss, why not try it out? And if you get it, take me with you? *wink*

Monday, January 12, 2009

Football Fans that annoy me....

I'm about to fan(no pun intended) some unnecessary flames by touching this topic..... but heck, I'm going to do it anyway.

First off, let me pre-face this. I am a Liverpool supporter, even though through many years it's been heartbreak over heartbreak. I still continue to support the club. And the fact that I support Liverpool has nothing to do with what I am about to write.....

The thing with football fans, it's like in a bad relationship, you know the person is bad for you but you still keep holding on hoping one day they'll change...... The passion is intense, and women can't understand us watching 22 men chasing after 1 ball.

And there's always healthy competition between fans of different football clubs, with sarcastic swipe once in a while but there's always some type of mutual respect, the type of professional acknowledgment you give to talented footballers that entertain you week in week out even though they play for an opposing club.

However......There is one particular club that irks me, and not because they are a BIG club that wins almost everything, but because of some of their fans. To be frank, I love to watch this BIG club play because they play amazing football. Though sometimes I do hope they falter so my beloved club at least will have that very very little chance of winning some silverware.

This is what I mean by snobbish behavior...... Win, but win point in rubbing the obvious into others face. This probably does not apply to all the fans of the club, because I do know some very decent people who supports the same club. It's unfortunate that some bad apple tend to spoil the whole pie......

Sunday, January 11, 2009

MunY Movies: Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire, a movie I would probably not watch if not for all the international attention it has been receiving lately; and it would be a friggin shame if I didn't watch this at all.

First, let me give you the synopsis.

Jamal is a Chai-walla(tea seller) in a mumbai call center, grew up in the slums of Mumbai, and is on the India TV version of 'Who wants to be a Millionaire'. Coming from an educated background, he does exceptionally well and is arrested by Mumbai police half way through the show for interogation on suspicion of cheating.

How Jamal's life story entwines with the answers from the tv show is well written and woven into the movie. And as you can see from the poster, 'Slumdog Millionaire' is in it's core a love story.

Living here in India, I find alot of things easier to relate to while watching the movie. The slums, the poverty..... there is one scene just before the final question of the 'who wants to be a millionaire' to ask, and you see people taking seats in front of electrical shops watching the tv show. It is very true to real life, where you see crowds watching cricket matches in the same manner when India is playing. (It's not an exaggeration)

Also India's obsession with one of their biggest movie star, Amitabh Bachan or passionately known as Big B to the locals, is reflected in the movie.

Does Jamal get the final question right and become a Millionaire? I won't tell you here, it is part of the charm of the movie that you watch till the end.....

You could probably tell by now I absolutely loved the movie, the story telling, the editing, the Indian backdrop..... This movie could be told in any other country but would not have the same effect.

The cast is mainly unknown outside of India. Irfan Khan and Anil Kapoor are the 2 bigger names in bollywood, you would probably remember Irfan Khan from the movie 'Namesake'. But you will find Dev Patel playing Jamal in the movie a surprise with his versatile and mature acting.

Directed by British director Danny Boyle, whose resume includes Trainspotting and The Beach. I highly recommend this movie. I hope it turns up on the shores of Malaysia.

My Rating: Berry Berry Good

Watch it if
You like a good underdog story
You like to see more of the 'real' India
You like to see a good bollywood movie in English

Quote from the movie: Money & Women, the reasons of most mistakes to a Man's life.

P/S Did I mention I loved the movie?

Women are like elephants.....

Because they never forget.......

No, in no way was I trying to imply anything physical. I love living, and doing something suicidal like that just ain't my style.

Sometime last year, over the phone, while on a conversation with my better half I mumbled these words..

'You are like an elephant.....'

Oh boy, let me tell you guys out there something. Never ever use an idiom that has anything to do with big animals on a woman or expect responses like...

'What are you trying to tell me ah? That I am big now issit? Or my ears are too big?' And you will never hear the end of it.

But in all truth, women do have very good memory. They seem to remember alot of things, so never ever say something to a woman that you don't mean. It will come back to haunt you one day.

But that being said, they also have 'selective' memory, though they accuse us men for having selective memory.

Again, be forewarned...... if you want to tell your gf or wife they have a good memory, just tell them they have a good memory......

Friday, January 9, 2009

Burning out at work

This week has been probably one of the toughest weeks of the 101 weeks working here in India.

2 weeks back, my colleague who shares work responsibilities with me went on maternity leave. And today, all of us at work got a call from her husband that she delivered a healthy baby boy. I'm happy for her.

As for me, the 2 weeks before this was managable since most of the people went on holidays. Before the start of this week, I had already braced myself for a rough ride but could never imagined the magnitude of work that came piling on.

I goto sleep at night, and wake up the next day feeling completely....... tired. It's like my body never slept at all. If things were running well operationally, it would have probably made life alot more easier, but with alot of recent changes at work..... it's one hellavu ride.

People tell me I should be thankful that I still have a job during times like these, which of course I am. Totally, without any hesitation, I am thankful. But being thankful and being happy are 2 very different things.

To top it off, sometime during this week I was told I'm cheap labour. Because apparently the perceived value of my work is 40% higher than the pay that I am actually receiving. Let's just be clear now, it's not my own perception. This is another individual's thought and perception of me.

I gave up comparing with others, because it's a never ending cycle. As an old Chinese saying goes, 'There is always a higher peak'

Of course the same time, I've also met alot of people who think for the amount of work they are doing they should be getting more. I didn't give any opinion, some may be true. Some are just delusional....
It's been a hard and long week, need to re-calibrate my body and thoughts to face the next week. And keep on reminding myself....

'Solid but small steps will eventually get you there......'

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Alternate back seat belt solution for car owners

If you are from Malaysia, you would probably know that the government just recently enforced a law that requires passenger on the back seat to buckle up.

Me being lame as usual, thought it would be a $ making opportunity.

Kancil owners will need to go install new back seat belts, and will cost probably around Rm60.

How about I offer you these T-shirts for only Rm20 for 2? Think that'll help in the current economic situation?

Can't blame a bloke for trying lah....

CLM in a corporate world

CLM or commonly known to the corporate man or Woman as Career Limiting Move.

What is a career limiting move? One I can think of is continuously giving grief to your superiors or people of higher authrority.

And speaking of authority, I've always been kinda anti-establishment ever since I started working. There are smart people in management, and there are the rest.

Writing something bad about your boss or someone of higher authority in your blog can be construed as a CLM as well.

But then again, like I said.... who cares?

No, not writing about my boss. But rather 2 white dudes who came to India for a visit recently.

Let me tell you something about the disconnected white man. First of all, India is an extremely sophisticated market. The stuff that happens here can boggle your mind, I've been here for 2 years and I've still not figured everything out yet.

Yet, there's this Auzzie and swedish dudes that's only been here for like 3 days and think they have the whole market figured out. And start throwing out 'gyan' to the local team. (Gyan is knowledge or advice in Hindi btw). It's just funny seeing that happen.

Oh, and this thing about being polite while in a foreign country, it's just funny trying to see these guys trying to be nice but still at the same time bashing the culture.

So me being me, I started throwing really sarcastic shit in their faces. You can still see them putting on that smile, but deep in their eyes you can see them going.... 'Oh just you wait, you little prick, I'm gonna get you'

I blame it totally on the Vodka I took before dinner, and since I have a tendency to go really red after consuming alcohol I could probably get away with it.

Anyway, to end where I started. I've done a few CLM during my time with this current company. End of the day is just know when you're right, just keep on being right. Don't let the high up corporate morons who got up there by sucking up tell you otherwise.

But, always keep humble and do it with a smile on your face and a knife hidden in your pocket.......

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Be Compliant or be complained....

For those of you working for a MNC, you would have gone through multiple compliance test the first year you join.

There are trade compliance test, code of conduct test, business ethics test, digitial infomation security test..... and many more...... Year over year, you have to use up at least 30-40 mins of your life to go through the training over again and complete a set of questions that resembles more of a moral test we took while in primary school. Only half a brain required......

If you don't do your compliance training and test, then HR will send a note to your direct manager and his/her manager so they can apply pressure on you to finish. 

And just like the comic strip, people really don't really read through the whole training. Because if they need, You would probably need a a whole friggin day to do it. And it is utterly a waste of productive time, you could be finishing up on more important work.

And how often do people follow all the rules anyway? Management probably have to do it to keep up appearances, and as for employees? You see infraction of ethics everyday.......

Again, I reiterate.It's a friggin waste of time, but people still need to do it. So for all you MNC-ers out there, click click click away for you 2009 compliance test..... !!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

MunY Movies: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

'Our lives are defined by opportunities, even the ones we miss' - Benjamin Button

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, for all it's big movie star, acclaimed director and scriptwriter, CGI effects..... is a movie about love.

Based on the F.Scott Fitzgerald story, CCOBB is about Benjamin Button, born an old man and gracefully 'age' backwards to acne face little boy and eventually die a baby...... while the people around him go the opposite direction.

But there is reprieve for Benjamin, he meets the love of his life Daisy and spends the most precious moments of their lives together. The movie touches on how moments and opportunities make us who we are, the first kiss, the first walk, the first time your heart skips a beat when you see a girl, the first time you know you are having a baby....... or the times we missed.

There is a scene in the movie that caught rings through my mind rather well, it's the scene about a car accident in France. I don't want to give too much away, but think about how mere minutes or seconds can change our lives forever. And that's what this movie keeps on trying to tell us.

Carpe diem, in bold and neon lights all over it.

The movie is artsy..... and lenghty at 2hours 40mins. But I have to say, I enjoyed it. But be warned, it is not everyone's cup of tea. Try to go in with an open mind and heart, some of the scenes in the movie are breath taking. I envy the crew that went scouting for locations.....

Acting was worthy of the nominations they received,  Cate Blanchett timelessly beautiful and her acting is always art on screen. Brad Pitt is..... Brad Pitt, and he gives a worthy performance too. Take nothing away from the rest of the cast, Tilda Swindon, Taraji P Henson.... the cast of elderly folks.... all worthy of the nominations they received.

One more thing, don't only watch the movie.... listen to it. The music is hauntingly beautiful, and applied to each scene flawlessly. Think how the soundtrack was implemented in Forrest Gump and you will be able to imagine what I am trying to tell you.

My rating for the movie: Artsy Good

Watch it
If you like Artsy movie with great soundtrack
If you are a fan of Brad Pitt or Cate Blanchett
If you are a sucker for love movies

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My memorable 100th blog postings

How appropriate is it that my 100th posting would be my 1st posting on the 1st day for the last year of the 1st decade of the 21st century?

Confusing? Yeah, usually caused by our brains ability(or lack of it) to compute and remember things.

So why did I choose to write about the brain? Is it because I'm losing mine? Sometimes I think I am. But that's just my brains playing tricks on me, again.

This morning, I read in the newspaper that increased blood sugar can cause memory decline. And this ties to the fact that as we age, our bodies ability to regulate glucose also declines. Read it here.

This afternoon, I was on the phone with my gf. And she conveniently forgot how I was back in 2007 to celebrate X'mas and also usher in 2008 with her, also forgetting that we actually spent valentines together in 2008. I flew 3000km back home, and she forgot!

Am I saying she's getting older? Nooooo..... of course not. Maybe she's just had one too many pastries or soft drinks that elevated her glucose level.

Men out there, this discovery is significant to our species' survival. You can now blame forgetting an anniversary, a birthday or any other significant date on overdose of cakes, cokes or chocolate. *I foresee tomatoes and eggs being thrown at me*

Or you can just admit that our brains look like this.

Anyway, in all truthfulness. I hope my memory stays healthy. Because I wouldn't want to forget a single moment I've spent with you. :)