Saturday, February 28, 2009

The 'Cork' will rot.....

I am currently transitting in Changi airport, on my way back to Bangalore after week long meeting session in Penang.

The transit time between PG-SG and SG-BLR is around 8 hours, so I met up with my friends here in Singapore. It was cool catching, will talk more about that in another post.

Now, I'm going to talk about 'corks'.

Yes, 'Corks'

While having a leisurely chat over a german pork knucle, the discussion of when I am getting married came up. Standard chatting material between friends, since both of the guys are married.

Me, being cynical as usual when it comes to marriage mentioned that I might not even get married at all because someone might not want me.

Then Ed, a friend of mine made an anology of wine towards my martial status, saying that the longer it's kept, the better it'll taste.

Then Ed's wife, yin, said the following.

Yin: Keep too long not good, the CORK will rot.

Ed burst into laughter upon hearing that, and went totally red. So did my 2 other friends.

Yes Men out there, heed the advise of yin here. Don't think keep longer, taste better. Get hitched ASAP!

Else your 'Cork' might just rot......

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fire!!!!!! oh... it's just a drill

Have you ever gone through a fire drill at work?

In school, it used to be fun. Because it meant less time in the classroom and more time to goof around with your classmates.

Today at work, halfway through a meeting the fire alarm went off. Usually, or instictively, you should be running out of the building for your dear life. right?

Well, not in my company. You still see people continue to do their work, talk on the phone and walking to the toilet. Maybe it's a case of the boy crying wolf, people just don't take fire alarms seriously anymore because it either goes off too often for 'testing' purposes or we just have one too many drills.

Firedrills are necessary but usually ineffective because of the reason above. To make it relevant again, you got to hire a few actors to shout and act frantically like it's a real fire. Maybe then you will be able to see people running for their lives, believing the fire is actually real.

Downside is, you might get a few people stepped on. And subsequently the company sued, and me out of a job. So yeah, let's just go with the normal drill. Who cares if a few hundred people burn to death?

After all, it's their own doing.

MunY Movies: Red Cliff 2

The sequel to Red Cliff from 2008, this movie picks up where the first one left off......

For those of you who are familiar with Romance of the Three Kingdom, even for those of you who are not, this movie is a good watch.

Directed by John Woo and boasting a cast lead by Tony Leung and Takeshi Kaneshiro, the movie is about the battle at, where else, but the Red Cliff.

During primary and high school, we are often thought famous proverbs and saying, and you get to see one of them here in Red Cliff 2.


Or translated means, everything is ready except for the east wind. You will understand it when you watch the movie.

Overall, I enjoyed it. 2 hours and 17 minutes in total, great actions scenes, you will also see the trademark John Woo pieces like flying white pigeon and face off, but with swords instead of guns this time round.

My rating: Good

Watch it If
You like John Woo Movies
You want to know more about Romance of the Three Kingdom
You just want to see Takeshi....

P/S Ling Zhi Ling from Taiwan is also in the movie and she is HOT!

Monday, February 23, 2009

How Starbucks Saved My Life

No no, not mine.... But Michael Gill's.

The title sub-title of the book reads, 'The Riches-to-Rags Story of a man who had it all, then lost it all and found it again'

The book is about Michael Gill, on how he lost his high paying job at an Ad Agency, failed at business, had a divorce because of his extra marital activities........ at his darkest moment, a job in starbucks gave him a ray of hope.

It's inspirational, it reminds us of our futile attempts of a life in the rat race. And how we forget about the things that matter in life.

It's something light and easy to read. If you are a fan of starbucks coffee, this is the ultimate starbucks fantasy book.

In reality today, starbucks, like other big multinationals, is facing an uphill battle with the world economy crisis. Recently annoucing headcount cuts of up to 6000 people in the US. So the happy ending in Michael Gill's book may not apply in today's social economic situation.

But it's good to have a little hope, and this book brings with it just that. Hope in life. I'm generally a cynic, but I always tell myself it's ok to dream a little.... just a little.

P/S If you are too lazy to read, just wait for the movie..... it will be starring Tom Hanks. :P

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cash is always better than plastics.....

Why do I think that cash is better? Actually, I don't. I have always been a firm believer that credit cards are convenient and practical. My gf however disagrees, and she never used to carry any credit cards with her.

This topic always stirs up a passionate discussion, but nothing like an incident to totally shut me all up. And the culprit to my downfall? Oldtown Cafe.....

The incident happened sometime last year, and I got reminded of it while sitting in Oldtown cafe with my friends.

It was CNY in 2008, I was on leave and so was a colleague/friend of mine. So we decided to meet up to have a drink in Oldtown cafe E-gate. At that point, I had only Rm10 in cash with me. But I had the false sense of security because I have my good friend Master Visa.

Also I thought my friend would have cash on him.

So we sat down, each of us ordered a drink respectively..... and we started chatting away, he got hungry and I got thirsty. So we ordered food and additional drinks. Not knowing the danger we were about to face......

So after we consumed all the food and it's time to leave..... we both went to the counter to pay. The bill came up to Rm35 or something. So I whipped out trusty Visa, the person behind the counter looked at me like I was from out of town....  and telling me they don't accept plastics.

Oh, ok. I'm sure the both of us would have enough cash to pay.....  I took out my Rm10, and he took out his Rm10........ We looked at each other, and we looked at the cashier, he was looking back at us. And suddenly there was this really awkward silence......... *que cricket sound effect*

So we told the cashier we'd be paying later, and walked back to our tables with our tails between our legs..... So did we end up washing plates and cleaning tables to get out of our predicament?

Well, not exactly. I always said that timing is everything, and at that time my friend's gf was finishing work and on the way home. So he called and ask her to 'join' us at Oldtown cafe.

Of course when she found out about the real situation, she went to town with my friend. Because, like my gf, she is also a firm believer of cash. And of course my gf had the satisfaction of telling me 'I told you so' after she heard bout the incident.

Thinking back, it was funny. 2 grown man, sitting at the table waiting for the little lady to come pay our bills......

It's something to look back and laugh about, it's also a lesson learned. Don't leave the house with Rm10 in your pocket.

That's all I have to say about that. :P

Back in Penang..... again......

I am back in Penang, Yes.... again. But this time it was without the drama I went through the last time.

However, this trip is not a personal trip. So upside for me is that I don't need to pay for my airfare, I can stay in a hotel If i wanted to, and my meals are covered.

But why would I want to stay in a hotel when I have my own comfy bed to sleep in and excellent home cook meal to savour? It's a win-win situation. I get to come home, company does not need to add cost for hotels and meals.

But let me tell you, taking a flight out of Bangalore to Penang can be pretty brutal. Let me tell you why....

BLR-PG has only 2 flights out, one is via SIA and the other MAS. Both flights are red eye flights that leave Bangalore at 11:15pm or 12:30am respectively. And the flight takes around 4 hours, either to KL or SG.

What's the issue there? You get deprived of sleep. First of all, you lose 2 1/2 hours due to the time difference. So most likely you'd get maximum 3 hours of sleep by the time the plane touches down, and it's either 6am or 7am in the morning.

Then you wait for the flight to Penang. During that time, you can probably catch some Zzzzs but it's highly unlikely in the airport. So when you reach Penang, all you want to do is find a bed and crash. Well, that's me anyway. I slept through the whole afternoon today after finishing breakfast......

But if you are ever travelling on this route, between SIA and MAS I suggest taking SIA. SIA serves better food, has a personal screen on your seat and probably better service.

The downside of taking SIA is that the transit time, you will reach Singapore around 11am in the morning and have to wait till 8pm in the evening for the flight to Bangalore. During that time, if you don't feel like hanging around the airport you can just check out of immigration and go have a short tour of Singapore.

Or if you have not been to all the terminals in the Changi Airport, you could easily run time by very quickly by walking within the airport. Or you can just hang back and read a book......

Bottomline, I'm glad to be back in Penang again after leaving 3 weeks ago. Even if it's on official business, I get time on the island I love, with the people I love too.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

some things just do not make sense....

Today started like any other working day for me.

Flagged down a rickshaw, did some haggling, agreed on price, jumped onto the rickshaw and headed for work.

So far so normal.

Reached work, pay rickshaw, walked towards company entrance.

Still pretty mundane stuff.

At the entrance, 2 guards, a man and a lady standing behind their desk doing their daily bag check. What do they check for? I didn't really know, although I just hand them my bag on a daily basis and check.

Initially I walked to the male guard, and the search in front of me took longer than expected. So I walked over to the lady guard and have her do the checking.

So she opened my bag and started to go through the contents. So it was standard operating procedure that I am used to.

Ah, but today they had a different idea. Suddenly I see the lady taking out my black CDs and 1 memory key. I asked her why, she just looked at me and  told I had to register the item. So to save her time, I just pulled out 3 more memory keys and showed her.

She took the items like they were contraband, and directed me to the receptionist.

The receptionist asked, 'Are you an employee?'

Me: Yep

Receptionist: Are these personal or work?

Me: ermm... work?

Receptionist: ok, don't need to register.

me thinking: 'wtf?' Then why do the search in the first place?

I guess they had their reasons, maybe they were told to do so else they would get fired. I was abit annoyed, but that's how it is here.

Things may not make sense to me, might have made alot more sense to the people that planned it. And the people that planned it might not be the brightest bulb in the world...... and that's all I am going to say.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

MunY Movies: He's Just Not That Into You

Marley & Me and He's just not that into you, what do the 2 movies have in common?

Instinctively, as a guy, I'd say Jen Aniston. (that is of course one of the correct answers) The other commonality is that both movies are book adaptations. This one is based on the self-improvement book by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo.

Ironically, the movie's cinema release is to coincide with Valentines day. The producers thought it would be a good idea to give tips out to all the male and female in the world who have not read the book on most commercialized day of the year. (ok, maybe nothing ironic about that :P)

That's back to back chick flick for me.

Believe it or not, I actually have the book. It's lying somewhere in a box back home in Penang. I bought it for a friend to read, and she threw it back at me. Interesting thing is that I had the book in the office desk since, and it has been read by at least 2 other person.

Ok, back to the movie.

It's a big cast let me tell you, makes me feel the producers are trying to overcompensate for the lack of story in the movie by throwing hollywood stars at you.

Jen Aniston and Connelly, Drew Barrymore, Ben Affleck, Scarlett Johanssen, Justin Long, Ginnifer Goodwin of Mona Lisa Smiles and Walk the Line fame, Kevin Connolly of Entourage fame and Bradley Cooper of Alias fame.

Just writing about the above cast already tired me out.

The movie comprises 6 different but interconnecting story arc involving 9 different individuals. It starts by telling how we are all program to incorrectly read signs from the opposite sex. oh yeah, I think they are Sooooo on to something here.

The plot of the movie is a mix of 'Woman likes man, man likes other woman', 'Woman likes Man, Man Married, but in the end Man cheat with Woman' or 'Man & Woman together for 7 years, Woman want marriage, Man don't want, Man and Woman break up', 'Man and Woman married after Man was given ultimatum to marry, but Man and Woman not happy in Marriage'.... it goes on......

The movie however touches on quite a few things that is very close and sensitive to life, and alot of people may relate to it. Trust me when I say there are quite a few times in the movie that inside my head I went, 'hmmm..... That's me' And I believe quite alot of people will feel the same.

The critique I have about this movie is that the stories are loosely tied together, the pace slows down as the movie progresses, the multi story arc is just abit too much for me to follow and it can be uncomfortable to watch.

The upside is there are alot of eye candy, Scarlett Johanssen is hot and sexy and both Jens are very beautiful at their age(most women would give up a leg or an arm just to look like that over 40).

So for you out there planning to catch it with someone, may it be man or woman, be forewarned. Movie touches on very sensitive stuff.

People you should not bring along to watch the movie with:
1. A person that you are stringing along and no intention of getting in a relationship with.
2. A person that you have dated for many years and have yet to step into marriage.
3. A person that you are in a relationship, but the romance is fading and you've been fighting over this issue.

Heed the warning or you will walk out of the movie feeling very awkward, or having the urge to make a decision to change your life immediately that may not be pleasant. So if you don't want this to happen, just go read the book by yourself.

My rating: average watch

Watch it if
You are too lazy to read the book
You are asked to by your partner
You want to see Scarlett Johanssen in Sexy Red Lingerie (what?!!? I'm a guy!)

Friday the 13th ....... Unlucky for some.... but.....

Friday the 13th or Black Friday, What does it remind you about?

Alot of people will probably think of the movie franchise, the superstitious ones will think of a day fill with rotten luck, computer geeks will probably remember the virus of the same name and to the rest of the world it's just another day.

Looking at the calendar, today is the first Friday 13th of the year. Yes, the first one. There are 2 more, March and November. So 2 more days of bad luck in 2009?

So did anything bad happened to you today? Did the curse of black Friday struck upon you? Ripped your pants? Had a flat tire? Stepped in poo? Got poo-ed on? Don't blame it on poor Friday, it's just coincidence.

Friday is probably the most loved weekday of all time in oppose to Monday. Why? Cause it's the day before the weekend! Especially to us corporate rats, there's no better day than fly day!!!!

Well, this year's Friday the 13th can be opportunistic for some of you out there. Why? Because tomorrow is Feb 14th. Yes, the day of luuuuuurve......

So why is black Friday a good opportunity for some people? Forgot to buy a present for someone? Blame it on Black Friday. Cat ate the ring! Aliens kidnapped the puppy I bought! Roses got attacked by locusts! The more outragous the better!!! 

Try it out! It might work!

*Disclaimer*I am in no way responsible for any harm that may come your way after testing this method

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cell Phone reunion

Got this from engadget and thought it's quite funny.

Do you feel the same bout the phones in there? hehe.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

You know times are bad when.......

There are alot of sales????

Yes sir, every retailer out there is trying to capture the ever reducing slice of consumer spending pie due to the economic situation that we are all facing.

Today, I walked along the area I lived in called Indiranaga. In Indiranagar, you find alot of retail shops along 100 feet Road. (yes, it is an actual road name). Nike, Reebok, Dockers, Levis, UCB, Adidas, rockport and more..... (no, I didn't manage to take the picture of all the shops this time cause my fingers are lazy...)

And on the windows of all these shops you can see big signs of 'sale' going on.

And it's always in my mind that consumers are mainly bargain hunters, you draw them in likes moth to the light whenever you put up the word 'SALE' followed by '50% off' (especially the female consumers)

I personally don't like shopping during major sale period because too many people cramped into too small an area, but not likeing to shop doesn't mean I won't shop during these times of % off. :P

Shopping for clothes is my least favourite activity during a sale. Why? You don't get enough changing rooms, the sales people are too busy to entertain you, most of the sizes are unavailable and you can't get someone to take measurements for alteration on your pants. It sucks.

But the conundrum here is, the only time that makes sense to shop for clothes is during sales. Because the retail prices for clothing apparel are just ridiculous. So if you can't win them, join them.

I bet fashionistas out there would probably disagree and is shouting for my blood, cause if these clothes are on sale they are most likely out of 'season'. But to a common man like me, there's no such thing as 'season'. As long as it fits, it's fine. :)

So, during times like these.....the consumer is king. Go forth and conquer my friends.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

MunY Movies: Marley & Me

Marley and Me is another book to bigscreen adaptation. Based on the best seller by John Grogan, M&M is a story told in the first person narrative.

If you have not read the book, the movie pretty much tells you most of it. But I still recommend the book, a good read on a lazy weekend afternoon.

So back to the movie, starring Mr Crooked nose Owen Wilson and the former Mrs Brad Bitt, Ms Jeniffer Aniston. Playing John and Jennifer Grogan respectively. The main star of the movie is of course, the Labrador retriever playing Marley.

The story tells of the Journey of life for John and Jennifer Grogan, together with their dog Marley. I don't want to give anything away on the story, so either read the book, watch the movie or wiki it up.

As for my thoughts on the movie, I liked it. I always liked movies with stories that lets the audience grow together with the characters, M&M is that kind of a movie, it takes you in and shares the emotions with you.

If you have been thinking about getting a dog, you will undoubtly go get one after this movie. If you have not thought about having a dog, you would probably start thinking of having one after watching M&M. You will however have second thoughts about having babies..... (that's just my personal opinion) :P

It is also inevitable that you will hear the sound of 'awwwww' from both male and female audience in the cinema when the puppy version of Marley appears on screen. I did an 'awwww' too quietly inside.

Jennifer Aniston still looks great at 40, Owen Wilson still has good comedic timing. And McSteamy Eric Dane from Grey's Anatomy is eye candy for some of you ladies out there. 

My ratings: Feel Good watch

Watch it if
You like movies that make you got warm and wobbly inside
You are a fan of Jen Anniston, coz she's hot
You read the book and just want to see it on the big screen

P/S Tip for the guys, bring along a pack of tissues if you are going with your partner. Probability of the waterworks will be rather high. Why? I won't tell you..... just go watch the movie. :P

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The far(c)e of Politics

 Today, out of the blue a colleague of mine IMed me and said 'My home state just got C4 by Najib'. Now I didn't know what type of secret code language that is, but I knew the guy is from Ipoh so I went to the 'trusty' site of to find out what's going on.

How the Perak State government

Man, The drama that is Malaysian politics. They could probably make a 82 episode series out of it. I bet not even the HK TVB series can top this.

I wonder how the people of Ipoh are feeling right now. I know I'd be pretty upset if the government I voted for got replaced because some lazy ass ruler said so.Good thing I'm from a state with no 'rulers' lor.

I think as a Malaysian right now, I would feel that the country is taking step backwards. During uncertain times like these, politicians and 'royalties' are making it even more uncertain.

I'm planning to go back home, but I don't know if the home I'm going back to is the one I knew......

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Anwar in Disguise?

confused? click here

Life in M(un)Y perspective

After 2 not-so-long weeks in Penang, enjoying food and time with loved ones, I am now back in India.

2 weeks is a very short time, and when you have to work time flies even faster. Unfortunately for me, I had to work during the time I was back in Penang. Only got 2 days off during 1st and 2nd day of CNY, better than nothing right?

This trip back home put quite a number of things into perspective for me, it solidified my desire to return home even more. Not because I'm homesick, but like the old saying, time and life waits for no one.

During this trip back, I saw sorrow of a daughter sending off her father and the anxiousness of a son for his father due to a minor stroke.

A TV Ad from Petronos that keeps on reminding us, as children to our parents to always cherish the time we have with them.

It is unfortunate, in today's society, in the pursuit of wealth happiness, we end up losing even more.

So it is clear now, what I need to do.