Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beginning of the end......

of my journey here in India.

I am finally going home, and this time it's for good. Today I booked a one way ticket back to Malaysia and printed it out nicely tugged into my bag.

2 years and 3 months. Some call it long, some call it short........ it's all relative.

Me? I'm just glad I made it here, and will be making it back.

The next few days will be a hectic and manic rush to get everything settled. And I will try to chronicle as much as possible. And you will probably see the return of the stress-o-meter as I posted here .

My 'Journey to the West' is finally coming to it's final chapter.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

MunY Movies: The International

If you have trouble sleeping, then The international is the antidote to that problem, at least the first hour of the movie is.

Starring Clive Owen and Naomi Watts as an interpol agent and a NY ADA respectively, the story evolves around the the International Bank of Business & Credit (IBBF) wicked plan to sell arms to rising African nation, controlling the debt in order to gain profit. And Clive Owen's Interpol Agent Louis Salinger is trying to expose the IBBF for what they are, wicked henchmen of Satan trying to control the world......

Maybe it's just me, but I don't see how the movie title has anything to do with the movie.......  it could be the backdrop of the movie moving from Frankfurt, then to NY,  then to LYON, then to Milan, then back to NY. Absolutely........ tiring.

The one interesting part about the movie is the shooting scene in the Guggenheim Museum, where they absolutely thrashed the place. Well, of course we know it is not the real Guggenheim, but it's still interesting to see the resemblance of the place get thrashed by semi-automatics and revolvers.

I really have nothing good to say about this movie, so I will not thrash it any further.

My Rating: Boring & Bad

Watch it ONLY if

You have nothing to do on a weekend (like me)
You want to see the Guggenheim get thrashed
What am I saying? don't waste your time....... Naomi Watts or Clive Owen just ain't worth the time...

swapping saliva

You know how it's unacceptable when someones saliva gets on your face, either intentional or not, that feeling of disgust?

My friend keeps on telling me his boss speaks so closely to his face, and spit always comes out when the boss tries to 'emphasize' his point.

Also, you always hear your mom telling you don't drink from cups or use utensils from people you don't know.

Can't blame people for being paranoid of foreign saliva, with Hepatitis rampant and all...... one should take precautions.

But even with all these paranoia, there is certainly one scenario where people just swap saliva willingly and with huge amount of transfer.

I am of course talking about the art of sucking face, or the more romantic of you lot call French kissing.

There are absolutely no inhibitions when either one sticks his/her tongue into the other party. you see it all the time, it's just all action between the 2 tongues, with endless amount of saliva migrating from one mouth to another.

Of course it's fun, but that just totally defies the convention of what we have been told all our lives, don't eat other people's saliva.

But like all rules, this one is also subjected to double standards. There is a list of pre-approved people for 'acceptable' saliva contact, and everyone has a different list. Actually using the word 'people' is wrong, should use the word pre approved mammal.

So pick your list wisely, and don't hesitate to tell that boss or friend that is not on your list, that their saliva is not cool when transferred with high velocity onto your face.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Angels and Demons

I finished Dan Brown's Angels and Demons around 2 nights ago. Ever since reading da vinci code I've been itching to read this, and finally I did. 
So why did I? Master procrastinator reader, 3 years ADVC (After Da Vinci Code), finally decided to pick up this book?

First and foremost, I'm bored here in India. I'm still in the midst of working out my move back home but nothing is finalized. Secondly, books are cheap here compared to back home. Finally, and the most important one, is because the movie is about to air in May.

Yes, that's the reason I decided to pick up the book and read it. Because based on my experience with DVC and other adaptation, the book is always better compared to the movie. Though I can't make a comparison now, but after reading the book, I'm pretty sure it's going to be hard to insert all the elements onto the big screen.

My thoughts about the book? It's definitely a page flipper, it just makes you keep on wanting to turn to the next page to find out what's going to happen. The book starts that way, and keeps on going until the end. A nailbiter this one is. 

I don't think I'll talk too much about the story, don't want to spoil it for those of you who do not intend to read the book but just planning to watch the movie. 

So just a simple summary, storyline involves secret society, the vatican and the ever struggle between religion and science. And for the conspiracy theory buffs out there, I'm sure you know what The Illuminati is. But the story got kind of predictable (for me) half way through.... 

So if you are looking for a good story to read, I recommend picking this up. A hot cup o chai on a rainy afternoon/evening with this book is exactly what the doctor ordered.  

Tuesday, April 21, 2009



satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else's misfortune.

First came across this word while watching Boston Legal. (Who says you can't learn anything from TV?)

Recently, a friend of mine Susan put the word up on her facebook status. And it went back and forth on what's the best definition of Schadenfreude.

I think this is the best which Shen Hoei came up with.

Also on another case of Schadenfreude, I have to give it to my friend Jar. She says to me one day, 'life is all about perspective.' hmm... ok, very thoughtful.

Then she follows up with, 'I feel alot better after going over to see a few other people who are suffering at work'. Now if that's not Schadenfreude,I don't know what is...... hehe.

Anyway, just thought I share new word for the day. And also the deep dark secret that we as human beings have within us. Which is the joy of seeing others in pain.

I leave you with Avenue Q with the title song and lyrics below. (Thanks Susan!)

GARY COLEMAN: Right now you are down and out and feeling really crappy  
NICKY:I'll say.  
GARY COLEMAN:And when I see how sad you are, It sort of makes me...Happy! 
GARY COLEMAN:Sorry, Nicky, human nature-Nothing I can do!It's...Schadenfreude! Making me feel glad that I'm not you.  
NICKY:Well that's not very nice, Gary!  
GARY COLEMAN:I didn't say it was nice! But everybody does it!D'ja ever clap when a waitress falls and drops a tray of glasses?  
GARY COLEMAN:And ain't it fun to watch figure skaters falling on their asses?  
GARY COLEMAN:And don'tcha feel all warm and cozy,Watching people out in the rain!  
NICKY:You bet!  
GARY COLEMAN:That's...  
GARY AND NICKY:Schadenfreude!  
GARY COLEMAN:People taking pleasure in your pain!  
NICKY:oh, Schadenfreude, huh? What's that, some kinda Nazi word?  
GARY COLEMAN:Yup! It's German for "happiness at the misfortune of others!"  
NICKY:"Happiness at the misfortune of others." That is German!  
GARY COLEMAN:Watching a vegetarian being told she just ate chicken Or watching a frat boy realize just what he put his dick in!  
NICKY:Being on the elevator when somebody shouts "Hold the door!"  
GARY AND NICKY:"No!!!"Schadenfreude!  
GARY COLEMAN:"Fuck you lady, that's what stairs are for!"  
NICKY:Ooh, how about...Straight-A students getting Bs?  
GARY COLEMAN:Exes getting STDs!  
NICKY:Waking doormen from their naps!  
GARY COLEMAN:Watching tourists reading maps!  
NICKY:Football players getting tackled!  
GARY COLEMAN:CEOs getting shackled!  
NICKY:Watching actors never reach  
GARY AND NICKY:The ending of their oscar speech! Schadenfreude! Schadenfreude! Schadenfreude! Schadenfreude!  
GARY COLEMAN:The world needs people like you and me who've been knocked around by fate. 'Cause when people see us, they don't want to be us,and that makes them feel great.  
NICKY:Sure! We provide a vital service to society!  
GARY AND NICKY:You and me!Schadenfreude! Making the world a better place... Making the world a better place... Making the world a better place... To be!  

Sunday, April 19, 2009


There is an old chinese saying, with danger there is always opportunity. Hence the combined chinese words of 危机(wei ji). 

You will also hear in hongkong and TVB series, 'fortune is seeked within danger'. 

And as the ecomonic situation deteriorate, some people are frantically looking for that opportunity within times of 'danger' and uncertainty now.

Single guys out there who could not get a female companion to save their life should also rejoice during times like these. Why you ask? Because during crisis, survivalism takes over. 

No, I didn't make that up. It was from the school of dilbert.  see below:
I think it works both ways, for men or women. So what are you waiting for, pick up the phone and start knocking on opportunity's door now! 

Saturday, April 18, 2009

MunY Movies: Monsters vs Aliens

After Kungfu Panda and Madagascar 2, DreamWorks return with another animated movie. Monsters vs Aliens.

Now we have all heard of Aliens Vs Predators (and know how much that franchise sucked).

But how goes if we swap the Predators to Monsters? (definitely more fun)

The movie 'stars' Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogan, Hugh Laurie, Will Arnett and Kiefer Sutherland to name a few.

Here're a few pics to put a face to the 'Monsters'

Story starts with Susan Murphy getting hit by a meteor on her wedding day. Incredibly, she does not die from said collision but instead absorbed the energy of the meteor and becomes the 50 ft woman. This is a spin on the movie from the 50s....... take a look at the pic below.
So Government agents had to subdue and imprison her with all the other monsters captured since the 1950s.

So now Susan Murphy is know as....... Ginormica! yea..... can't they come up with a better now???

There is also B.O.B, or Bicarbonate Ostylezene Benzonate. A blue goo that has no brains and no proper body function, and pretty says anything he wants.

Along with Dr Cockroach PHD, a mad scientist who tried to fuse cockroach DNA so humans can have the survival ability of a cockroach, and unwittingly transformed himself into half man half cockroach.

Then there is The Missing Link, 20,000 year old Ape-Fish hybrid that marks the fusion of human evolution. He got thawed out of the Antarctica by scientist, escaped, and terrorized girls during spring breaks.

So all of them are imprisoned for life with no human contact until.... the Alien Gallaxhar detects quantonium power source radiating from Earth and decides to attack earth with an Alien robot!!! 

So the imprisoned monsters are offered a deal to go free if they defeat the Alien Robot. Below is one of my fav scenes in the movie. And of course, like every cartoon, the good guy always win win..... at first.

That's the Alien robot facing off with Insectosaurus, the nuclear radiated caterpillar. 

So after going free, the monsters find themselves detached from society, Susan 'alienated' by her family and fiance. In the midst of all these happenings, Gallaxhar comes to earth after his robots defeat to retrieve the quantonium which is also the source of Susan's power.

After capturing Susan/Ginormica, and gaining the quantonium, Gallaxhar clones himselves to take over the world and eliminate all humankind.

And as all cartoon stories go, the team of monsters band together, defeating the alien via some funny activities along the way and manage to become heroes of Earth. The end.

The story is pretty simple, don't think it was as good as Kung Fu Panda but it's a fun family movie to watch. As usual Dreamworks likes to throw in subtle jokes that probably not everyone can understand... because they are mostly American jokes...... 

My ratings: FFW (Fun Family watch)

Watch it
If you want to have a fun time with your kids (but make sure you shut them up and don't let them bother other patrons)
If you have an affinity to cartoons and dreamwork's animated movies
If you want to escape the heat for 94 minutes 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Paris Brest made my imagination go wild....

Yesterday I wrote about my visit to Sunny's in Bangalore, and about the desserts we tried. If you missed it, you can find it here.

So I did mention that they have a long list of desserts right?

After finishing our dessert, I scanned through the menu one more time to see if there's anything I'd like to have.... (yes, after having all the dessert I still wanted to eat somemore, :P)

And as I was going through the list.... I saw this item on the menu. Paris Brest.

So my imagination ran wild, and I thought of.........

exhibit A

exhibit B

exhibit C
no, not implying cup sizes here.....

So will the real Paris Brest please stand up?
Thanks to my 'curiosity', now I know what a Paris Brest looks like....... next time to bite into them one.

Monday, April 13, 2009

UB City & Sunny's Restaurant

For the past 2 years here in Bangalore, I have heard of the name UB City and Sunny's Restaurant numerous times.

UB City, according to Wikipedia, is the biggest property project in Bangalore pioneered by Dr Vijay Mallya. (if you don't know who he is, google him up. He's like the Richard Branson of India)

Actually, the reason of going to UB city is to visit THE luxury shopping mall there, called The Collection.
This mall houses all the luxury brands you can imagine. Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Tiffanny's, Paul Frank, Stella McCartney to name a few. 

Yes, there is a Louis Vuitton here in Bangalore.

The guards did not allow us to take pictures inside the mall, so the above pictures are the only ones taken. (Thanks to my house mate ML since she was the one who took most of the pics) I will never understand this concept of not letting people take pictures inside the mall...... 

So after walking through the mall, we headed to Sunny's which is around 5 minutes walk away.

I heard about Sunny's from this friend of mine who worked here in Citibank Bangalore. He's in Singapore now, but the way he described the food in Sunny's lured me there.

Sunny's is a Italian type restaurant located on Vittal Mallya Road, ask anyone on that road and they will tell you how to find it. You could miss it because it's at the corner of the road and does not have big neon lights hovering over the restaurant.

Reading some of the reviews, seems like the main complain is on service. Most people say the place has double standards treating the locals and Expats. I guess it's the same everywhere huh? I've had the same feeling back in Malaysia.

The menu has quite a number of food that sounds good, and not knowing what to order I decided to go for the Glazed Ham with Orange sauce while my house mates went with Steak and Seafood pasta.
Tenderloin Steak

Seafood Pasta, quite a big portion

Glazed Ham with orange sauce and mashed potatoes

One thing I feel that all restaurant should do is put something like a 'recommended' items on the menu for each category. It makes life easier for new customers walking into the restaurant, and it also ensures that they order the best and signature food the restaurant serves.

Anyway, I got my Ham and was kinda disappointed, the ham is... a ham. And the sauce was just average and weak. Worse part of the dish is...... the mash potatoes came with remnant of a plastic cover that was holding it. I complained to the waiter, but the wise ass just told me, 'oh, it's part of the container that was used to make the mash potatoes'

WTF? I was not in the mood to be anal, so I finished my food, and then asked for the owner. He apologized, but I didn't get a free meal unfortunately. Minus points for services, maybe if my skin color was lighter I might get better treatment.

Anyway, after the main course we decided to try most of the desserts.

Below are the ones we ordered. 

Frozen Chocolate Fudge with Rum and Raisins. Very nice with strong rum and raisins after taste.

Mango Ice Cream (using real mango according to the menu). Aromatic and tasty.

Blueberry Cheesecake. Average, needs more cheese!

Apple pie, always nice.... yumz.

We finished them all! 

The pastries were quite good, so it was not a total disappointment for me.

All in all, I give it a 3 stars out of 5. Will I come back again? Most probably.

Good food and good company on a Saturday afternoon. I'd say a day well spent. :)

So if you want to try out Sunny's and visit UB City while you are in Bangalore, just ask your driver or autowalla to take you via St Marks Road, either turn in via Vittal Mallya Rd or cut through Lavelle Rd. It's not very far from MG Rd.

Just goto Google maps, and type in Bangalore and Sunny's and the below map will appear.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Do you have a backup guy/gal?

You have heard it before, on friends or on of the multiple sitcoms or movies. A backup is a person you will marry at a certain age if both of you are still single. 

Usually this person is a close friend that you are comfortable with and don't mind having as a life partner, but not romantically attracted to each other enough to be in a relationship with. 

For me, I HAD a backup plan. Yes, HAD. :) It was between me and a primary school friend Juju.

The terms of our 'contract' were,

1) By the time we are both 35
2) and if we are still single (either not married or not seeing anyone romantically)
3) and is not terminally ill with disease like AIDS 

So if the above 3 criteria were true by the time we reach 35, we would have to start planning our 'marriage' 

And I mention I HAD this plan in place. That's right, the contract is now null and void. No, it's not because I'm getting married, she is. :)  And she's darn happy and keeps on reminding me that our contract is 'void' now. I'm happy for her too.

You see, we have known each other for around 20 years or so, and over the years we've remained friends and colleagues. We probably don't share as much as some close friends do, but I feel there's always this bond of friendshio between us. 

Well, the reason I am writing this is because out of a blue someone on MSN IM ping me and asked me if Juju is my fiancee. Totally confused and flabergasted,  I asked the person how did he come up with that assumption.

Apparently, in the years we were using 'Multiply' (you know, the passe networking website before facebook came along), she cheekily put down my relationship with her as Fiancee. And I think till now it has not been changed. So recently when she updated her multiply page it showed up as Juju, Fiancee of MunY. 

So i'll be informing her to change it, because I value my life and do not want either my gf or her REAL fiancee cause bodily harm to me.

And for those of you who are not married, and has a 'backup', do tell me about it. :) 

Those of you who are married, and still has a 'backup'.... don't tell me. Don't want you to get bodily harmed. :P

Thursday, April 9, 2009

'sex' education in English too?

I remember this huge debate about teacher's in Malaysia not capable of teaching in English for Math and Science. (probably still on going....)

Well, if they can't teach I say we fire all of them and hire prostitutes or sex workers to teach instead.

Yes, you heard me. Get sex workers to teach our kids in English.

Why? Have I gone crazy? Why would I suggest such an outrageous and ridiculous idea?

Read this, I saw it in the local news paper here.

In Malaysia, sex workers give free English Lessons: Malaysia's notorious 'Guest relation's officers' are now offering two-in-one services - apart from the regular flesh trade, they are also teaching English to their clients. to remain competitive, the GROs are doubling up as English tutors to help clients brush up their language skills.

So why not get rid of the whiny,'I can't teach in English' teachers and hire these bunch of 'innovative' and 'motivated' individuals to teach instead?

It's a win-win situation. Clean up Malaysia while educating with the right people.

Some one should tell Muhyiddin Yassin to think about it huh?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Real life Frogger

Do you remember the game Frogger?

Here's a video I grabbed from YouTube just in case you don't, or have not heard of Frogger ever before.

So now why am I talking about Frogger? Because I feel like the frog in the video game every when I try to go home from work.

You see, my company here in India is located on rather large' Ring Road', it's a highway of sorts. Why can't I take the rickshaws that are on the side of my company? Because the Auto-Wallas either refuse to go the other direction where my home is, or will charge me a king's ransom just to make a big U-turn.

So today I decided to take a video of me crossing the road, this is while I was already on the divider in the middle of the road. So I am half way through, but still have to maneuver through fast traffic to get to the other side.

It's a total of 71seconds....... that's how long it takes for me to get pass half way of the road almost on a daily basis....... it's quite scary. ;(

This is definitely one thing I won't be missing from Bangalore.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

MunY Movies: Fast And Furious 4

Mix Fast Cars, Sexy women and Drug lords and you will produce...... Fast and Furious 4.

Ok, so there might be more to the story than just cars, women and drugs. But I think guys go watch this movie for the first 2 reasons only. I might be wrong. :P

The movie's tagline, 'New Model, Original Parts' is a way to tell us the producers brought back the original cast from the first movie in 2001. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez are back to reprise their roles from the original F&F movie.

Movie starts off with a Fuel-truck hijacking by Dominic Toretto(Vin Diesel) and gang. You will also find Han(Sung Kang) from F&F:Tokyo Drift in the action. Some very amazing and rather impossible driving sequences later, the gang successfully hijacks part of the truck and gets away.

Dominic later had to leave Letty(Michelle Rodriguez) because the Feds are catching up.

*spoiler alert*

Dominic gets a phone call from his Sister Mia(Jordana Brewster) one day, telling him of Letty's death. It was murder. TANGTANGTANG!!! Guess the producers really didn't want Michelle Rodriguez on the movie for too long, or it's just necessary for the story to develop.

So Dominic needs to return to LA and find Letty's killer. At the same time, Brian O'Conner is now reinstated into the FBI and is trying to bust a drug ring using illegal car racers to bring drugs in from Mac-he-ko. So, conveniently, the 2 of them team up by infiltrating the drug lord's operation by 'posing' as illegal street racers.

Now how convenient is it that the drug lord, known as Braga, is using car racers to import drugs??? Why not use drug mules? or hide them in soap? Oh wait, that's a different movie.....

So through out the movie, you will see close up of women's ass, Vin Diesel's head and 18" shiny rims.

The kissing scene between Paul Walker and Jordana Brewster came out of no where, ever since their break up 5 years ago on the first move (that's the timeline in the movie between the movies), I have no idea where that sudden spark of romance came from. The director just had to add it in for the sake of making up the romance quota.

So is it as good as the original? I would say probably not. But is it good enough to pay moo-lah to watch it? yeah. The entertainment of adrenaline pumping car racing scenes and Vin Diesel's shiny head is definitely worth 107 minutes in the cinema to escape the heat.

My rating: Good entertainment

Watch it if
You are a fan of the Fast and Furious Franchise
You want to watch scantily clad women shaking their booty and kissing each other
You are an aspiring illegal car racer that needs to learn a thing or 2. wait.... this movie won't help.

Friday, April 3, 2009

MunY's Morning Rant

Sometimes I just want to say ' fuck all of this' and walk away.

The best intentions blow up in your face, as usual.

Reminder to self, always always act with caution. And don't do things that you are not asked to do by your boss, and screw all those whiny people who keeps on insisting you to do it.

nia ma CCB.

*end of rant*

Looking into the future...

'Look at them, they have no idea what is ahead of them..'

That line came from the final minutes of the latest episode of Scrubs, and it reminded me of younger times when I did not know what is ahead of me. And it got me thinking, what got me through that fearful time?

I hear alot of people going to fortune tellers trying to take a peek into their future, and with the info they could make their lives better. Personally, I never believed in wanting to know my future. It's maybe I live in a bubble, a bubble of invincibility, a conviction that no matter what comes my way I will be able to handle it. Some call it optimism, others call it foolishness. Your pick.

The only thing about my future I am sure of is Death. Yes, that sounds depressing but that is the only certainty in life. (ok, them vampires might disagree. Or probably Chris Lambert...... ) But the journey towards that inevitable end is what makes it interesting.

'In life, prepare to be surprised' What fun is there in life if there are no longer any surprises? Yes, we bitch about misfortunes but we also cheer when good luck comes along. Life's random and chaotic, can't control it, just organize the chaos and go along with it.

So when you are feeling down, just try to see the lighter side of things and S.U.M.O (Shut Up & Move On). It gets us through life alot easier.

*end of thought* - who would have thought watching the latest episode of Scrubs could actually make a write something like this. I surprise myself sometimes. :P