Thursday, April 9, 2009

'sex' education in English too?

I remember this huge debate about teacher's in Malaysia not capable of teaching in English for Math and Science. (probably still on going....)

Well, if they can't teach I say we fire all of them and hire prostitutes or sex workers to teach instead.

Yes, you heard me. Get sex workers to teach our kids in English.

Why? Have I gone crazy? Why would I suggest such an outrageous and ridiculous idea?

Read this, I saw it in the local news paper here.

In Malaysia, sex workers give free English Lessons: Malaysia's notorious 'Guest relation's officers' are now offering two-in-one services - apart from the regular flesh trade, they are also teaching English to their clients. to remain competitive, the GROs are doubling up as English tutors to help clients brush up their language skills.

So why not get rid of the whiny,'I can't teach in English' teachers and hire these bunch of 'innovative' and 'motivated' individuals to teach instead?

It's a win-win situation. Clean up Malaysia while educating with the right people.

Some one should tell Muhyiddin Yassin to think about it huh?


  1. Well, they must know how to count since they won't want to be short charged for their "service". So Maths passed!

    And they sure know about biology and then probably some physics too, what with all those velocity, friction, thrust force... So Science passed!

    Good idea MunY! =P

  2. CK: You have all the points there already, so let's push this to the cabinet and get it moving?


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