Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Heading down under....

I am on the road again..... this time on the way to Sydney.

Yea, seems like I've been travelling non stop since I got back from India. Well, if the job calls for it....

But this time round, it got me abit worried. With H1N1 rampantly spreading, and hot spot being Australia right now. It begs the question if this is the best time to go there.

With it being winter and temperatures hovering between 9-18 degrees..... the flu blug is espcially potent. And I'm not a big fan of the cold weather.

Initially had to go there for almost a week, now it's getting cut short to 4 days.

So now with the flu formerly known as swine getting more rampant, I find myself more paranoid as ever. Every person with a sneeze, cough or running nose will get a second glance from me. You just can't be too careful.

Do I have my mask on? yea, I do. And I feel so invincible because people can't see my face! Muahahha.... ok, that's crazy talk.

And I had to miss Transformer 2 because of this trip.... argh. ok ok, yes, my priorities are different. sue me.

Let's hope I come back with pigs following me. :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Penang's progress....

It's been kind of an embarassment when Singapore MM Lee Kuan Yew mentioned that Penang has not progress for the last 20 years or so....

It's even more embarassing now that the people responsible for the 'progression' of Penang dares to defend the lousy work they've done. I think they are just delusional if they think that in the past 20 years they have done alot of Penang.

Being a die hard Penang kia, I just can't swallow the type of bullshit they are trying to feed the public. If Penang had been under steady progression over the past 20 years, we would have alot more going on right now.

As it is, public transport is almost non existent. Infrastructures are in a mess and opportunities getting lesser. So tell me, besides the key move of making Penang a manufacturing hub a long time what else has been done?

I have seen an exodus of people from Penang to KL because there are better opportunities there. As it is, Penang is a great place to stay, but not a great place for career opportunities.

Some people may argue the fact, but I believe alot more could have been done if the brains behind the operations did the right thing for the state and not for themselves.....

And to criticise the current administration may be harsh at the moment, given the shit they need to unravel from the previous ones.....

So let's be sensible here, ask this question, did the previous administration really bring the progress they should have to Penang?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

MunY Movies: 17 Again

Ever thought of going back to highschool again? So just you can do everything else differently to ensure your life goes right?

In 17 again, Mike O'Donnell(Matthew Perry/Zac Effron) gets to do just that.

I have to admit, the movie is quite good. I know alot of you guys out there are unwilling to go watch this movie because Zac Effron is starring in it. But as far as a fun movie goes, this is top of my recommendation to anyone looking for a simple and uncomplicated movie for the weekend.

Story is about Mike O'Donnell, a high school basketball star who had to give up his dream of sports stardom and college because he got the love of his life pregnant. 20 years later, at 37 years old, stuck in a deadend sales job, marriage on the verge of divorce...... he gets a second chance, transformed back to his 17 year old self, and goes back to highschool to makes thing right with his kids and wife.

Some really fun stuff in the movie. Star wars fan may or may not be delighted with the light saber fight scene between Ned(mike's best friend) and Mike.

Some slutty teenage cheerleaders trying to get Zac Effron to not 'respect' them..... you'll catch this when you see the speech Zac was trying to give to these girls about self respect. It's hillarious.

I really don't have anything bad to say about this movie, because in the sea of summer movies so far.... this one is refreshing.

My Verdict: Good Watch

Watch it because
Zac Effron is in it and he is a very handsome boy/man
Matthew Perry is in it and he is always the funniest friend character
It's just a friggin relaxing movie to watch

MunY Movies: Drag Me to Hell

With work responsibility taking up my time, I have become the classic case of a man who neglects his personal life. And that can make you feel a little lifeless.....

Ah, but thanks to weekends.... there's an opportunity to recuperate. And what better way to watch a horror movie and scare yourself silly to make sure you're still alive.

So decided to head to the cinemas to watch Sam Raimi's Drag me to Hell.

The movie stars new comer to the lead role, Alison Lohman, previously in non noticable roles in Big fish... and other non worthy mention motion pictures. There's also Justin Long who play's Alison's bf in the movie...

So how was the movie as a scarefare? Did Saimi get it right? With his experience with the 'evil dead' series, one would expect him to hit this nail on it's head....

Well, unfortunately for me, I was tired, so was my gf who was watching this with me. And watching a horror movie with her is always a boon for the cinema because she closes her eyes through half of the movie....

But ultimately, the movie came in abit flat. Yes, it did solicit a few jumps off the chair and accelerated heartbeats during the movie. But it is not what I would call a classic 'scare you till you shit your pants' type of horror movie.

Don't get my comments up there wrong, I think it's just the right dose for people like me with a weak heart and do not want to get nightmares during the oh so little sleep time I get.

For those of you wants the story line, it's about  Christine Brown, a loan officer who gets cursed by a gypsy woman after her loan application got denied.....

The curse develops in 3 days, so Christine needs to find a way to get rid of the curse before she gets...... what else.... drag into hell......

that's pretty much the whole gist of the story, to find out more, go watch the movie. Is it worth the Rm10 to watch it in the Cinema? The verdict is on the fence. But hey, let's support the local cinemas abit, don't want them closing down....... if that happens, where do we go for our summer blockbusters right?

My Verdict: average watch

Watch it only if
You want a good jump out of the chair
You are on a date and hoping to get some hug or hand time with the girl/guy you're out with
You just want to support the cinema industry...... zzzz....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Passing English...

Why is this even a discussion? Because I've been reading it in the newspaper and listening it to the radios the last 2 days, and can't believe the comments that are coming outta certain people... you probably think they've exchanged their buttholes with their mouths.

What in the world are they thinking??? We are talking about a passing grade here, not asking the students to become scholars of the English language. Why are there so many protest about making it 100% mandatory for all high school student to pass this subject before obtaining their certificate of graduation????

Situations like these really explains the state of our great country..... the other day, I was at a certain government department, and the person I was asking for help walked away after she asked me ' you tak cakap Bahasa Melayu ker?' and my answer was no.

How are we suppose to promote Malaysia as a 2nd home to westerners when the people who serve the people are unable to converse in English?

How do you think these students are going to get hired by MNC if they can't even speak decently in English?

I just hope the authorities wake up and do the right thing. First, to fix the students..... please fix the teachers....

Saturday, June 13, 2009

On my way back home....

After one whole week(almost) in Austin, I am on my way back home.

Did I get to see alot during my trip? Not exactly, because for most of the time I was cooped up in a meeting room with a bunch of people looking at either really secret secret stuff or some guys praising themselves for a good job they didn't do.

It was however, an interesting trip to meet up with people you probably worked with for many years but have never met. And also the sharing of different perspective is very enlightening.

The part that suck is after a whole day of meeting, I still got to check emails as Asia starts working. No rest for the wicked?

I did manage to take some pics of some of the places I went, so hopefully I can get them up because i am way way way behind on my personal commitment for this blog.

I am currently again sitting in Narita typing this as I wait for my transit to Singapore. 2 hrs, not enough for me to go out to sight see, but long enough for me to get bored. Reaching singapore at midnight and have to spend the night at the aiport. Booooo!

Bright side is, I still get to have my Sunday. :) See ya all soon.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

No Free Internet.....(almost)

After 6 hours of flight, I am now sitting in Narita Airport in Tokyo waiting to transit.

Manage to catch some zzzz, but still pretty zoned out. Hopefully I can sleep longer on the next flight.

When I first got there, all the shops are still closed. Unlike the ones in Singapore, which goes full force by 630am.

So I whipped out my..... laptop and tried to find a wireless connection. Yes, I found one. Unfortunately, It is not free.

I think I take free internet connection for granted, cause everytime at any airport it is usually free.

So what did I do? Walked around, read a magazine...... zzzzzz...... no, did not sleep.

And how am I using the internet now you ask? Well, it seems like the Yahoo! Japan cafe here gives free 40 minute internet access to junkies like me. And here I am, getting my fix......

Do I need rehab? bah...... that is for ppl like Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan.

Till my next update.... c ya.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

On my way to Obama land....

Am sitting in KLIA at the moment, have to take a >20 hour flight to the US of A.

And I'm flying AA, coach.

Yes, unfortunately. There is no mroe biz class flights for mere mortals like me. In the current economic environment, corporate hamsters like me needs to abide by the wisdom of the executives.

It's gonna be tough, I was told by many people. I'll find out pretty soon.

What got me really pissed was I didn't get my agency to put me on SIA instead. That would have been alot better.

Not going to write too much now, let's see how the flight goes from here to Narita.

Will update if I can get connected!

Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

US Visa application - done and dusted

Well, I'm heading to the US. And let me tell you, it's been busy and crazy trying to get this done.

I only got told that the whole travel was approved last week, and in between last week and now, I had to get a flurry of activities done, and on top of that try to meet my daily and weekly work commitments.

First of all, let me tell you, applying for a US visa is kinda intimidating. The FAQ I read before going for the interview really gave me an impression that they don't want people to get in.

well, as for me. I had to in the past 5 days since Friday, get my photo taken, book a flight down to KL, prepare all the necessary documents, follow up with my US counterparts for invitation letter and fill in 30 over questions on a for.

It's been tiring as hell, and that's why I've not been updating. Creative juice aren't flowing here because my new job is sucking the life outta me at the moment.

Hope to get things in order, else I foresee myself burning out and whittling in the next 2 months or so.

Going to Austin for a week, hopefully this trip will bring more insight and connect me with the right people to work with.

As for now, the only thing that's suffering is my personal life. And I really gotta work on getting that balance back.

Hope to be updating back here soon again.