Monday, July 27, 2009

Mobile blogging

Been trying to do this for a while, I'm finally able to blog from my phone! Could've done it alot earlier but I thought I waited for this. Awesome....

This is the work of either a very passionate Zack Efron fan or very angry hater of the 17 again star.

Tongue or's both disturbing.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

MunY Movies: Land of the Lost

Did you know that Land of the lost is a remake of a 70s TV show of the same name? I didn't, not until I saw behind the scenes on E!

This time, Will Ferrell stars in this big screen remake of a TV show. And I know alot of people do not like his brand of humor, me included. But after a number of bad summer movies, I kept an open mind going into this one. I mean, how bad can it be right?

To my surprise, I was well entertained throughout the movie. I don't remember when was the last time I laughed this hard or loud in a cinema, and yes, it could possibly be that the bunch of bad movies have soften me up to like Will Ferrell's brand of comic.

Starring together with Will Ferrell is the lovely Anna Friel. For those of you who went, Anna 'Who', Let me jog your memory.

Did that help? Probably not....... but I'm sure it jogged something else for the guys....

Anywayz.... I first noticed Anna Friel in the movie Goal and Goal 2, playing the gf of Santiago Munez. She next appeared in the TV series Pushing Daisies as the resurrected Chuck. She's British. That's all I'll say about Anna Friel.

The movie is about Dr Rick Marshall, who finds a way to travel through to alternate realities with his super gay boombox like dimensional transporter of sort. The adventure beginz when they visit a 'cave' in the middle of the desert in a 'routine' expedition and end up in the land of the lost.....

I'm not big on talking too much on a comedy, so I'll leave it at the synopsis. But the overall feel of the movie is quote 70s and retro, so it's fun.

My Ratings: Go watch it, I think it's worth the time and money for a good laugh this Summer. (the aircon's a bonus)

Watch it only if
You find the picture above of Anna Freil intruguing and want to see more of her
You want to see a book titled 'Matt Lauer Can Suck it'
You want to see a T-rex/Will Ferrell smack down

Harness the power of SALE!!!

It's that time of the year, where you see big signs with bold fonts calling out 'SALE! x% Off'!!!

The species we all call Woman will lose all ability to think logically and start spending with no hesitation. That is the power of the word 'Sale' and '% off' in the same sentence, my theory is that it is a secret code that triggers some long hidden program in the brains of the female species....... but it's just my theory..... don't blame me for that. You can still call me crazy though.

Ok, so what does this post has anything to do with that? I just got back from a shopping trip with my gf in Queensbay mall, and there are loads of other women there frantically taking out their credit cards and pushing them towards the cashier like it is some plagued ridden item......  begging them to quickly charge the items they are purchasing so they can move on to their next purchase/conquest.

So base on my theory, there should be some other way to apply this primitive DNA coding already build into Women. We could probably help out the men in the world who are ready to find a mate, but are having difficulties doing so.....

Wedding and matchmaking agencies could also harness the energy of the sale to help out their clients....

Gents and Gents, I give you........

ta-da! Use this knowledge wisely.

*disclaimer* Any harm or damage done to anyone is entirely their own fault, and may not quote this post as a reason for said harm and damages..... (also, you may not whack the writer for such a lame idea. he's bored)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bon Odori Penang 2009

Bon Odori Festival is a Japanese Buddhist observance honouring the spirits of ancestors, who return once a year to visit their families.

This year I believe is the 13th year that Penang is celebrating Bon Odori.

This is my 3rd time to Bon Odori, usually not a big fan due to the weather and crowd, this year I decided to brave the humidity and the crowd just for the heck of it.

I left early around 8pm, but here are the stuff you get to see at Bon Odori:

Cute little Japanses kids, that gets hounded by photographers all day long..... poor kids

The popular goldfish game, which I have no idea what the name is..... I have 3 with me, one just died... so 2 left....

Japanese Merchandise such as paper dolls

.... and ceramic dolls

Lady death made an appearance (Cosplay??? Stockings in this weather? Thumbs up)

Can't be at a Japanese Festival without Japanese Beer

Loads of food to eat.....

The Penang Chief Minister was also there to give his blessings and talk about our food....

Performances by Japanese Ladies.....

And drumming by kids.....

This man has very big balls that he's showing off by bouncing them around.......

Last but not least....... Ninjas made their appearance.......

MunY Movies: Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Everything is a trilogy these days, even digitally created ones are jumping on the trilogy bandwagon. Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs is a 3rd installment to the popular Ice Age franchise.

This is my second movie review for the day, and so far this summer, only one movie lived up to my expectation. And this is not it.

Ever notice how cartoons these days have alot of adult inuendos in them? Are they trying to cater to a broader audience or are the kids these days growing up that fast?

The 'herd' is back, with Manny, Ellie, Diego and Sid living in the the post 'melt-down' era of the Ice-age. where Dinosaurs are supposed to be extinct. Wonder what movies are telling our kids these days....

Manny and Ellie are expecting a baby, Diego the sabertooth tiger is losing his edge and wants to leave the 'herd', and Sid the sloths wants to be a mommy because he doesn't want to feel left out once the baby mammoth comes along for Manny and Ellie.

He stumbles across 3 dino eggs, hatches them and becomes mommy to 3 baby T-rex.... until the real mother comes along and takes all of them, including Sid, into a lost world.

So in order to save Sid, the 'herd' goes to the lost world of Dinosaurs and tries to rescue Sid. You can pretty much imagine how the story goes.

The most interesting character must be the insane Weasel the herd meets along the way named Buck. Stuck in the land of the lost, and taking a page out of moby dick, Buck is out to hunt for his white dinosaur that took his eye......

It's a family flick, so don't expect too much.

My rating: Average only...........

Watch it Only if

You want to experience it in 3D (which I should have done, damnit)
You want to take your kids out (make sure they don't pester other patrons)
You are a fan of Ice Age (HUH? Are there any out there?)

MunY Movies: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is another highly anticipated book to film adaptation that many fans and movie goers are waiting for, but like many of the adaptation through out this year...... it's disappointing.

HP & THBP is the 6th installment of the Harry Potter series, so for the non-HP fans and readers, catching up will be necessary before watching this.

Though I mentioned that the movie is disappointing, it is not a bad movie overall. I guess it lands in the average basket for me, while alot of other feedback from friends gave it a thumbs down.

I read this book a few years back, and the only memory of the book is the end, which will be a big spoiler if I mentioned it here.

Though the director could not capture the full essense of the book into the movie, he pace of the movie was done well during the 2hour 33 minute ordeal.

With all characters all grown up, teenage angst and hormones are splashed all over the movie. The innocence giving way to teenage hormones, and it plays well with all the actors and actresses growing up too.

All in all, I'd say potter fans will still want to watch it. (this includes people who read the book as well)

As for non-potter fans and normal movie goers, if you did not read the book or watched any of the previous movie....... I suggest a refresh before going to the cinema to catch this installment.

My rating: Average watch, reading the book is definitely better

Watch it only IF
You are a Harry Potter fan
You watch the first 5 movie and want to continue watching this till the 7th
You want to take your kids to watch it because they love harry potter....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

scratch that doggy!

ok, I could not think of a proper title for this so you can flame me all you want.

The Monday that passed by was a public holiday here in Penang, and it just so happens that my friend's dog, appropriately named Indy had the coughs and needed a trip to the vet.

Indy is a hyper active Jack Russell, and the reason my help got enlisted was that there was no way in hell my friend could survive alone with the dog in the car while driving to the vet.

This is Indy.

Don't let the size fool you, he is one heckuva active and strong fella. 2 grown men almost could not contain him.

As a result, this is how my hand looked like just after the vet visit.

I got Tatted by a dog..... not my proudest moment.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

crossdressers beware!

Woman dress like man can get fined too ah?

RM25 fine for cross-dressing


JOHOR BARU: A 26-year-old man was fined RM25 by a Magistrates Court here on Tuesday after he pleaded guilty to dressing up like a woman.
Sutesa was charged with committing the offence at a back alley in Susur 4 along Jalan Tun Abdul Razak here at 1:40am on July 14.
Magistrate Hafizah Johor Ariff Johor issued the maximum RM25 fine for the offence, under Section 21 of the Minor Offences Act 1955, which includes a 14-day jail term if the fine is not settled.
Sutesa paid the fine.

Ridiculous.......... what will they do next?

Monday, July 13, 2009

MunY Movies: Public Enemies

Public Enemies is a movie you should not try to watch if you are hoping for loads of actions, because there is only one word for me to describe the movie. SLOW.

Johnny Depp takes on the role of John Dillinger, a bank robber during America's great depression era. One of the many criminals during that time, this movie tells about the (short)life of Dillinger and how his actions lead up to a Federal law that created the FBI.

Another big named actor in this movie is Christian Bale, who plays FBI special agent Melvin Purvis. Bale now has 2 bad summer movies on my books. This and Terminator.

I really don't want to spend too much time talking about a movie that I caught my gf dozing off to. I was also rather uncomfortable at the pace of the movie that lasted for 2 hours and 20minutes.

If you really want to watch it, wait for it on DVD or watch it off a plane when you are travelling. I don't recommend to watch this movie in the cinema....

My Rating: Slow...... and below average. I give it 3 Yawns

Watch it only if :

You are a fan of Johnny Depp
You are a fan of Christian Bale
You are a fan of Michael Mann's movie directing....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Greener Pastures

Today, I was at the pantry when someone asked if I have move to greener pastures.

Guess my response?

'The pasture is greener because there's more shit there' :)

Ah..... life at work.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The 2009 Wimbledon Men's Championship

After last year's epic match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, this year's final served up another great match between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick.

The total duration of the match :

The final score: 5-7, 7-6, 7-6, 3-6 and 16-14

The Winner : Roger Federer

And history was made.

It was a real test of mental strength for both players, and an amazing display of athleticism to last up to the whole duration of the match.

It was nailbitting stuff for supporters of either camp, but for the neutral I'm pretty sure they were thinking 'somebody please just win it already'. here's an example.

In the end,  Federer won @ 130am Malaysian time. And it was definitely a match worthy of making history.

Thank you for the entertainment, and it's time to sleep.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

anniversary missed........

on 28th of June 2009, it was the one year anniversary of this blog. However, because I was caught up with work and travels that I totally missed that milestone.

My blog is 1 year old!!!

My first actual post then was warning the danger of smurfs to children, if you have not read it. click here

At that time, I was still in India, and having free time on my hands I thought I start my own blog to express myself in the digital world and share my totally crazy mind with friends and family.

But since then, I have not really been that creative. Some ideas come up once in a while, but I have to say I have yet to live up to my own potential.

Now, some of you might just say I'm just too demanding of myself and I am a perfectionist. But I think there are alot of stuff that I could be doing here that I've not put my heart and mind into yet. I need to find that niche for myself.... and expand upon it, and at the same time, be a digitally responsible netizen.

So what's been my top content? it's Achmed the dead terrorist, you can find it here.

I'm still amazed that I've reached a total of 190 posts as of today, and I hope I can continue this even though work has been piling.

I thank you call for your past and continued support, even if it's only during your lunch time or before you sleep. I hope that I'll be able to bring more to the table in the coming 2nd year. :)

MunY Movies: Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen

After much fan fare and anticipation, I finally caught the much hyped about Sequel of Transformers. Aptly names Transformers 2, Revenge of the fallen.

Since the last movie, Megan Fox became the hotest female on earth,Shia LaBeouf starred in Indiana Jones and the world got plunged into economic turmoil.

But heck, Michael Bay still went ahead with his multimillion dollar production, and movie fans sucked it all up.

Sure, if you are reading reviews, they are all saying that transformers 2 is a dud. No substance, and just sequence of blurry motion made to induce dizzyness from the Audience. But those are the critics, and they rarely have the same taste of mere mortal movie goers.

All I've heard are people watching it twice, or planning to watch it a second time here in Malaysia. The reason they are citing, not intellectual stimulation, but rather entertainment worthy.

You get to see alot of more robots this time round, mostly decepticons, where you get to see the the constructicons destroying the pyramid (which is already in the trailer). Also, prepare to see lots and lots of explosion. Yea, that should've been expected from a M.Bay movie. But this time, they planned for the biggest explosion scene ever in the middle of the dessert.

So overall, it's visually and audiobly entertaining. As a customer, you would feel satisfied having paid for the ticket to watch it in the cinema. But if you are looking for a movie that is thought provoking and intellectually stimulating, avoid this at all cost.

My Verdict: Good...... enough for summer movies.

Watch it if
You want to see how Megan Fox is able to arch her bodies in impossible ways

You just want to know what the big fuss is all about this transformers thingy
You need some mind numbing entertainment

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I found where Donald gets his haircut....

Yes, I finally know the secret to Donald Trumps hair cut.

Want to look like this and be rich, powerful and erm... good looking?

Go here.... it's in Sydney. TRUMPS Hairdresser

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Back from Sydney

Yes, I have dissapeared for a week. Family wanted to call police, thought I was kidnapped. Silly them, who would want to kidnap me? Silly in a very warm family loving way.....

Was on working trip for the past week in Singapore and Sydney, just got back today. Dang tired. Just wanted to update and let everyone know I'm still active.

Yes, blog duties have been ignored. Hope to resume normal service soon.

For now, this is for your viewing pleasure.