Saturday, August 29, 2009

MunY Movies: Imagine That

Now what if your daughter's imaginary friends was the key to your success? Imagine that! That's the tagline to the latest Nickelodeon movie.

Story is about a very busy financial trader, Evan Danielson(Eddie Murphy), who also has a 7 year old daughter with an attachment to her 'googaa'(blanket) and imaginary friends.

Evan starts getting tips from her daughter's imaginary friend about stock and company tips, which makes him the talk of the financial trade industry. By doing so, he spends more time with his daughter, which he never did previously..... and so rediscovers the importance of fatherhood.

It's a very predictable story, but Eddie Murphy is a riot and he makes it work. Yara Shahidi who plays Olivia Danielson (the daughter) is also very cute and likable.

The movie reminds us of how we prioritize our life, or how we get lost in our careers and pursuit of wealth, and forgetting the other more important things in life. Family, friends, loved ones...... we make excuses not to engage, and yet try to make it up by telling ourselves we are doing the right thing for their future...

It's a movie that definitely very light and enjoyable, suitable for family viewing together. I did see alot of parents and their kids at the movie, and that warms my heart on a cold rainy day like today.

My rating: I said it above, light and enjoyable. The money paid is well spent.

Watch it if
You are a Eddie Murphy fan
You want to have a nice family outing with your kids or parents
You just want to feel warm and fuzzy at the end of a movie

Monday, August 24, 2009

MunY Movies: Up (3D)

Up is Pixar+Disney's 2009 animation offering to us. So far I have not been dissapointed by Pixar's animation and story telling abilities, and with up they continue that streak of successful movie that tugs at your heart.

Up is a story about love, life and promises. The first 10 minutes of the show really did it all for me, the remaining 86 minute of the movie was just to fill it up.

The story of 76yr old Carl Fredricksen, how he met his wife, who shares his interest for adventure. How they planned their whole life on going to South America to 'Paradise Falls'. But life happens, and the money they save is needed for life's different needs. They grow old together, have fun together..... But unfortunately, Ellie, Carl's wife.... had to move on earlier.

Trying to fulfill his promise to his wife, he gets a gazillion ballons, ties it to their home and UP he goes. Along the new adventure, he meets an Asian Kid, Russell, a wilderness scout of sorts, and finds friendship and companion.

It's a movie that really tugs at your heart. Reminds you of how life just passes by, and how we should live life and go with the flow....

This is also the first time I'm watchign a movie in 3D. Not really worth it because there aren't really that many 3D effects that will make you go 'wow'. So I'd recommend sticking with the normal version instead.

My Rating: definitely a must watch

Watch it if
You loved the past Pixar movies
You have kids and it's the holidays
You just want to have a fun day at the cinema

Saturday, August 22, 2009

walking in the rain....

Last week, I talked about going for a morning walk every weekend here.

So this morning I tried to keep to my regime. The elements were out to stop me.... rain started pouring at 230am in the morning, and yes, I was still up at that point in time.

So crossing my fingers I hoped the rain would have stopped when 7am comes. But I knew the challenge would be climbing out from bed on a cold morning, just like it was last week.

It did stop raining, but the sky was cloudy, ready for another downpour. Mother nature was either out to stop me from getting my exercise, or testing my will and commitment to it.

As I was getting ready to go, my mom, being a mom and ever considerate, told me not to go since it was going to rain. And given normal circumstances, I would probably have taken her advice and just went back to bed.

But this time it's different, I had a point to make. I wanted to make sure when I say something, either to someone or about something, I keep that promise.

So, being the unfilial son that I am. I went ahead without taking heed my mom's advise. Oh boy....

As I reached the botanical gardens, you could see dark heavy looking clouds hovering above the hills, about to burst at any moment. At that point I could just turn the car back and go home.

I didn't. Forged on I did instead.

Surely enough, as I stepped out of my car. The rain came pouring down without mercy, splish splash all over. I took my umbrella, and walked into botanical gardens.

It's eerily quiet even though the rain was pouring away, because normaly there would be alot more people walking or running. But the rain made the the garden so beautiful..... and I was walking alone taking it all in.

Then it struck me it's the 7th month of the lunar calendar, will I run into anything unexpected? nah.... I told myself. This blog would have been more interesting if I did 'bumped' into something, but matter of fact is, I didn't.

actually when I said there were no other people walking, I was wrong. There were people like me, walking in the rain with an umbrella.

One thing I really don't like, is walking in wet socks and shoes...... but I did it anyway. 3 rounds around botanical gardens, and I'm happy I did it.

Try to wake up tomorrow morning again to do it..... Let's hope mother nature is kinder tomorrow.

Friday, August 21, 2009

MunY Movies: G I Joe

The GI Joe cartoon was enjoyable for me when I was a kid. Now that it's made into a big screen movie with ultra super cool GFX, hot looking female actresses, totally awesome looking weapons..... does it still work for me?

Well, the answer is yes and no. Let me tell you why....

I walked into the cinema with very low expectations, was expecting the worse because all the bad hype and ugly looking suits......

Checking rotten tomatoes, it only received a 37% rating for the movie goers..... so is it worth the watch on the big screen?

I think it is, if watched on the right day. (meaning discount day)

Action wise, it was packed from beginning to the end. One might have mistaken for going into the wrong movie in the first 5 mins because the backdrop was a 17th century castle with people in 17th century clothing talking in 17th century scottish accent.

Well, it was 17th century for the first 5 mins....... anyway........

The movie goes about how this super secret band of soldiers assembled from across the world tries to overcome an evil plan by weapons builder MARS. Predictable, alot of flashbacks to tell the characters background, and only a very late showing by Cobra commander....

The money scene is the one in Paris, with the chase sceen in suits and alot of car crashes ending with the destruction of the Eifel Tower. (viva la France!) What? It's not a spoiler, it's all over the trailer lah.... oh, you've not seen the trailer? Sorry !

The movie left itself to comeback with a sequel.... how I won't tell because I don't do spoilers. (ok, maybe I do. A lil bit here and there)

My ratings: Decent watchable action flick

Watch it if
You have been and still is a GI Joe fan (donno many out there)
You are just nostalgic of your childhood
You enjoy action flick with alot of explosions.... (though not as many as transformers)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Life Happens.....

It's only Tuesday, and I feel like I've been knocked down by Mike Tyson at least 20 times. Ok, maybe I'm exageratting, but I sure feel all the life sucked out of me today....

Still have 99 unread emails in my mailbox after 12 hours of work and non-stop con calls. Ah, the pleasures of life I signed up for.

Going through some tough times at work, people moving out of my team, non-stop requests from different people sitting in different locations, firefighting on an hourly basis...... it's stuff you only dream of doing. :)

Life sometimes just happens, you know? Or more appropriately, when you don't know it.

People come into your life, becomes a big part of it, and suddenly, they leave.

And these are things we can't control, we can't control how other people feel, sometimes we can't help or control how we feel about certain people.

Yea, I'm mumbling really vague stuff here. In my work induced stupor.....

But we make the decisions, to stay or to go. And for me, I'm making that decision to stay for as long as I can. And as long as you let me stay in your life, I'll try to keep my promises and commitments to you.

Life keeps on happening, we can't stop it. 'Life is like white water' , it's never easy, we just need to take it all in. Good or bad. We just need to smile and keep on marching ahead.

Life is not measured by how many achievements we have, but by the challenges we overcome.

Go live life, good night.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

MunY Movies: District 9

District 9 is not a ulu kampung area in the inner parts of Perlis, it's the latest Sci-Fi movie to hit the Malaysian cinamas this week.

Being abit lazy and tired today, I decided to shamelessly take the sypnosis from rotten tomatoes and paste it here.

Genre master Peter Jackson produces this science-fiction film, the directorial debut of Neill Blomkamp. In District 9, South Africa has become a haven for refugees--from outer space.

Yeah, I think that sypnosis is a little bit too short too. So let me elaborate abit more....

Aliens have landed, not in New York, not in Washington, no where in the USA. This time round, they are in Johannesburgh, South Africa. They are not here to blow up the white house or take over the world, they are just lost. So what do we humans do for them? Throw them into a refugee camp and treat them like thrash....

Of course, there is a bigger subplot brewing, but to tell it here is to give the story away. I would rather not do that, because I'm recommending this movie to all you Sci-fi fans out there. 

The movie is shot in a very unique manner, first from a CNN-like news view and then documentary view.... and then later from a first person point of view. Movements of the camera may cause dizziness to some viewers not used to the rapid pace of change....... 

As far as summer flick goes, this one rates 88% on the Rotten Tomatoes meter.... and that's very good. The only other movie I remember rating this high was Star Trek. 

Was it enjoyable? Yeah, definitely. The story is intriguing, pace of the movie is well done and some scenes are absolutely priceless. (some girl behind me commented that it is one of the most disgusting movie she's seen.... bah, what does she know?)

My Rating: Pretty decent watch, a must for sci-fi fans out there

Watch it if
You like Peter Jackson's stuff (you will not be dissapointed)
You are an alien-phile and can't get enough of them green men with tentacles
You want to watch something different from your average pop corn movie

Time out to enjoy a walk

After a week away from home, and hearing a vey inspirational speech from Nigel Marsh, I decided that I just gotta take a time out from the madness that is work and return to some normalcy.

So yesterday evening I decided on goin for a walk in Penang's Botanical Gardens. Getting out of bed was the first challenge of the day, the cool weather that came along after the rain made it extremely difficult to crawl out of the warm and cozy blanket.

But I prevailed, willed myself to a 4 round walk, a few cramps(yes, that's a sign of how unfit I am) and a renewed appreciation of mother nature.

I want to do this week in week out. So I better, and for friends out there that can help out, FB me, shame me, remind me, it will help this friend of yours live longer.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Carless and I could care less

Being back home in Penang for 3 months now, I still don't own a car. If you ask any penangite, they would tell you it is essentialy to have a car in Penang to go around.

Fortunately for me, I get to carpool to work with my sister, and she lets me use her car whenever she is not using it.

I've been told repeatedly from people around me, 'get your own car! Be a man' but I still see no incentive to buy one.

But I may soon need to start looking and most probably purchase one soon. As I may not have a transport to work due to some unforeseen but not unplanned circumstances.

I am not sure what type of car I should get, as long as it gets me from point A to point B at the lowest cost. Pride is the for the young and restless out to prove a point.....

But whenever I say a Myvi, friends tell me they do not see me in that car or that I'm not a myvi type of guy....

So what type of guy am I? Or more specifically, what type of car guy am I?

I'm still trying to figure out, but maybe you can tell me what type of a car guy you see me as?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

MunY Movies: The Proposal

Sandra Bullock makes a come back after a 2 year hiatus, together with Ryan Renolds in The Proposal.

And whenever we think of Sandra Bullock, the first thought that comes to mind is.... ? The Romantic Comedy Genre.... But the truth is, her last movie in 2007 is the thriller/drama 'Premonition'. And remember the Net? So she's quite.... erm.... versatile?

But the truth is, Romantic Comedies are best suited for her. And The Proposal is no exception.

It's a chick flick, 100%. So for those 'I'm too man to watch it' guys out there, stay away..... at your own loss.

I think it's refreshing to go watch a romantic chick flick once in a while. Sure, it sets really unreasonable expectations for women watching it, but that damage has been done 10,000 movies ago. So don't worry about that and bring your gf/wife/partner to watch this movie. Brownie points for ya for sure.

Checking out Rotten Tomatoes, the movie only garnered a 44% approval from viewers. I think that's a fair rating. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad movie, it's just not one that I would rate in the high percentile.

So what's the movie about? Margaret Tate(Sandra Bullock) is a successful book editor, and she is about to get deported from the US of A because her Visa is about to expire. That means losing her job and everything else she worked hard for. In comes Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds), Margaret's executive assistance for the last 3 years, who she gets to marry her to ensure she stays in the US.

To avoid the immigration dept detecting the fraud marriage, Margaret travels with Andrew back to Sitka, Alaska for Gramma Paxton's 89th birthday. During the weekend there, she finds the thing she's lost for a long time. Family. And of course, she falls in love with Andrew.

Predictable? Yes. But we still lap it all up. Cause we are suckers for emotional stories of love and comedy. And I am a fan of both Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. (If you did not watch Van Wilder, I'd recommend it)

Betty White who plays Gramma Annie is also a riot to watch. If you watched Boston Legal before, you would know what I mean.

My Ratings: Average Good

Watch it if
You want to score brownie points with your gf/wife/partner
You are fan of Sandra Bullock in the Romantic Comedy Genre
You just want to have a good laugh and a stir of emotions