Sunday, September 27, 2009

Corporate moroness 270909

This is a classic case of how dysfunctional corporations are. So boys and girls.... If you wrote in corporate rat in your 'what I want to be when I grow up' essay. Expect the most outragous moronic stuff to happen in the world we call corporate......

Sunday, September 13, 2009

MunY Movies: The Ugly Truth

The Truth is always ugly, that's why lies are a much better and elegant solutions. People don't want to hear the truth, they can't take the truth. You remember 'A few good men' ?  Ok, this is not a review for a few good men, but the romantic comedy, The Ugly Truth.

this is the official movie poster

But I like this.... the promotional one

Starring Grey's Katherine Heigl and 300's Gerrard Butler, the movie is your standard romantic comedy with the usual formula of girl detest guy, guy doesn't care much for gal, guy and gal works together, guy suddenly finds himself falling for gal, gal also unsuspectingly fall for guy, drama entails, both parties part ways, both party gets back together. They live happily forever after?  Sounds familiar?

Katherine Heigl is her usual sunshine blondy self, what's there not to love about her? Loved her since the Roswell days. Gerard Butler...... is ...... erm..... another guy with facial hair. Tries to play sensitive type, didn't think he carried it well, should keep to swords and chopping off heads.

Movie starts with Katy Perry's Hot and Cold, in between there's Natasha Bedingfield's Pocketful of Sunshine, and also another good song by Flo Rida Right Round. So that's something that a little enjoyable.....

The movie is also filled with sexual innuendo, and with the Malaysian censorship board, there's a few jokes that was missed.... I hate the stupid censorship board. If anyone has the email or phone number to the director please let me know.... I want to tell him that he should either fix the process or just fire himself. What's the point of rating the movie and still censoring it beyond recognition?

Anyway, sidetracked.

Is the movie watchable? probably. Is it worth 10 bucks? Probably not.....

My rating: So-So kinda chick flick......

Watch it only if:
Your gf insist that you watch it with her
You like Katherine Heigl and like to see her moan and scream to orgasm at a dinner table (think when harry met sally)
You are a hopeless Romatic Comedy fan and must watch every single one of those movies out there....

Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Friday, smile!

The weekend is finally here. It's been a long and tiring week. Both mentally and physically.

Friends continue to tell me how emo I am. Can't help it, part of life. Losing people is a difficult thing to deal with, may it be from work or life.The only thing I can tell myself is that I choose how I want to feel.

Interestingly, colleague of mine told me he's surprised I'm still so upbeat after the week I had. Guess it's a matter of perspective. Take it all in stride and learn from it.

So today morning, while looking at what to wear. I picked the fcuk superman T. I think subconciously need to tell myself I can be strong.

I had this questioned asked to me before, 'you think you're superman ah?' I never answered directly, but I try my best to be as close to one. Haha.... Delusional indeed.

More challenges to come, no doubt about that. I leave you with my quote.

'plan for the worst, hope for the best, burn through the rest.'

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

O nine O nine O nine

Gosh, it's such a big deal I just can't not write about it.

9 in the Chinese culture signifies longevity, and with that, alot of chinese couple think that today's a good day to get married. I just think the couples just want an easy date to remember their wedding by. Guys thinks it's easier to remember, and women think it'll be harder for the guys to forget.

500 couples in Malaysia getting hitched today, heard it on the radio while driving to work.

Sis mentioned that means 1000 people not working today, and that's not calculating friends and family going for the ceremony. Productivity lost? probably? Happiness gained? Yes.... for now... until someone flips and throws in the paper. :P yeah, i'm cynical. sue me.

Radio also mentioned that this morning, 200 couples getting married will be taking their photos together. Ah... everyone sharing their happines...... and 10 years later when you try to find yourself in the photo, you can't. The joy of mass marriages.

Another random thought moment.

Time to get back to work.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Random thoughts 080909

This morning I posted this on my blog, though I didn't get alot of response on my blog itself, I did manage to get some friends telling me what's gone missing in my life.

Other half, Youth, Passion, sense...... are the few things that they mentioned. And some of it actually strikes a chord, and it also reflects what others are feeling.

Youth, definitely something that's too short, and not well appreciated enough. Only when it's gone you go in search of it. Men do it by either seeking companion of a younger partner or a sports car(ok, that's mid life crisis), Women probably try a little bit of cosmetic surgery..... But then, this is just my personal opinion.... in my own demented way.

Passion flickers, I don't think I lost it. It's just dimmer at the moment. So many things to do, so little time. And Microsoft is not making my life any easier. No, their current operating system is not giving me any troubles....... the new one that is 'launching' is sure adding to the stress-o-meter. bah.

Friends around me been telling me that I've been >Emo than usual. Well, probably am. Might just need to get less constipated and visit the toilet more often.

Maybe hang upside down more often as well to make sure blood gets into my head.

When will I win the lottery? Don't know why this cross my mind, since I'm not big on gambling. Maybe it's time to try my luck? Or is it an indicator to my own personal boredom that I'm trying to find a little risk in life? Lotto? Risk? yeah...... i'm outta my mind...... maybe I should try high stakes poker?

I need to start writing better stuff, this is just bullshit to fill up my personal commitment to my blog..... so time to get cracking.

But again, thank you all always. For your support. I'll really miss it if it goes missing. 0_<

Ever woke up in the morning feeling like something is missing?

Had that feeling this morning. Looked around, most of my stuff are still around.....

So it's not 'stuff', then what is it? Something is definitely amiss.

Shrugged it off.... And now on the way to work. Abit dazed. Didn't work last night coz tm nut was down.

Will see if this feeling continues to haunt me as I descend to nothingness.

I love my job.