Sunday, October 25, 2009

Credit card pains from the budget...

Recently in Malaysia's Budget 2010, one of the key discussion points of many working class people, and undoubtedly of employees of the banking industry, is the RM50 charge for each credit card owned.

I have had many passionate discussions with my better half about credit cards, the pros and cons of it. This move by the government moves the score more to the Cons column.

The PM thinks that this will curb and reduce credit card debt. He may be right, but it's also a burden for people like me who use the credit card for it's convenience. Not to say I have alot of them, I cancelled most of my credit cards back in 2007 and 2008 because the bank that issues them was providing really crappy services. (ask me and i'll tell you which bank it is)

But then again, the PM might be wrong too. People who needs credit will continue to get more cards to cover debts, and the Rm50 charge will only add on to those debt. It's definitely something up for debate.

This will be a burden to the employees of the credit card dept. As if their jobs are not hard enough, the new budget just made it harder. So do you think the banks should pass this cost to the consumer, or should they absorb the cost to ensure continuity of growth for their credit card business? Or either that, just give a huge credit line on one single card.... that move of course, has it's own risks too.

What about the banks that promised free for life credit cards? Will they start charging the customers who signed up based on that understanding? Would it be a breach of contract? Or does the government ruling turmp all prior contracts? I'm curios, still trying to find out the answer.

If you know, educate me. I'd like to know too. 

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shopping? Do we really have to?

The answer is apparantly a big YES for bfs and husbands out there.

But the big question I have is, why?

I walk into shops seeing really sad faces of men waiting for their better half frolicking over dresses, shoes and bags.

Does the shopping experience increases if the bf or husband is there? Or is it they are needed there to pay the bills?

Women will tell you that they want you there for your opinions, but in reality most of them already know what they want. Wouldn't it be better to shop with women friends instead? They should be able to give better opinions than fashionably challeneged men. No?

And when I mean fashion challenged men, I mean me. No doubt.

Men and women shop differently. Men goes in, lock on target, buy and leave. Women on the other hand.... I call it shotgun shopping. They land everywhere, except for electronic shops that is.

Well, it's a thing that'll continue to go on. Men or boyz who just started dating, there's no escape. Take the hit and seal the deal, or don't take the hit at all....and roll the dice.

Shopping, in my opinion should be mostly a women only activity. So ladies out there, be nice to your man or partner who are allergic to shopping. Set them free....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I am still alive....

Just thought I update this 'commitment' of mine so that friends and readers still know I am alive.

It's probably been 3 weeks(?) since my last update, bogged down by work, moving and life.

Bogged down by life??? I must be crazy right? Better to be alive than to be dead, that's what I always tell myself.

So I'm moving, from my resident of 32 years, I'm moving. It's going to be bittersweet when that moment arrives, but I'll accept it with earnest. Light shopping, bed shopping, furniture shopping...... I should've been doing this way earlier.... just never got down to helping my mom with it. Sorry moms!

At work, you can say things are pretty chaotic. People leaving, people joining, idiots that make your life difficult. I can't believe how some people can be all knowing one day, and amnesiac and stupid the next. I am trying not to figure that out, I hope some of those people wake up before their face gets bashed in. Coz they need to know, the things they do are low impact and high nuisance..... ergh..... where's wally when you need him?

And life, ah life.... it's a bed of roses. I wonder who thought up that phrase, cause a bed of roses with it's torn still on is not comfortable at all..... but it's something that comes with a rose, until u slowly trim them away. At the moment, learning how to deal with the torns...... and eventually I can admire it's beauty without getting pricked, albeit with some scars to show......

I am, trying, to get back onto the discipline of writing. I will find time, I know I need to. For my own sanity. I'm glad for friends who are with me, both physically and mentally..... The light is there, we just need to find it. Keep on searching, it'll show up.