Sunday, May 30, 2010

MunY Movies: Prince of Persia, The Sands of Time

Did you play the game prince of persia on your PS2, PS3 or PC? I didn't, but I heard enough of it from friends that made me curious about the movie. And you know what they say about curiosity......

Prince of Persia, the Sand of Time is a summer flick to replace the likes of the pirates of carribean franchise. That is of course my humble opinion...... but did it manage to do that?

The trailers were actually quite superb, but then again, i've been fooled by trailers more than once. But I still go back for more.....

Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Prince Dastan, an adopted prince, because the king saw him throwing apples at the royal guards.... no, that's a sign of courage, not stupidity.... but if at just that moment, the king was not looking, he'd be handless.... now that'll be a sign of stupidity alright.

Gemma Aterton stars as Princess Tamina, the guardian of the mystical dagger, and also Prince Dastan's love interest in the movie..... Gemma Aterton was previously in the movie Clash of the Titans, where her role, same as this movie, feels...... insignificant. She started off the movie with promise.... but as the movie went on...... she turned from fierce protector of the dagger to damsel in distress..... yawn.

Oh, Ben Kingsley also stars in the movie. And before Prince Dastan figures out who the villain is, the audience would've know far earlier when they see Ben Kingsley in Adam Lambert's eyeliners....

Any movie that touches on the topic of time travel is always cool..... but very hard to pull off.... and I feel it's the same with POP, TSOT. But if you don't think about it, sit back and relax.... the movie does it's job of entertaining you with special effects, breath taking scenes, Jake G (for the ladies) and Gemma A(for the gentleman).....

Is it a must watch? The jury is out on that one. Really depends on personal preferences...... I know there'd be alot of people out there that'll be giving it the thumbs up.... for me, the only response was the one I put up in facebook. 'MEH'

My Rating: Standard Blockbuster movie..... watchable.....

Watch it if
You are a fan of the game
You have the hots for Jake Gyllenhaal (both men and women) cause he is super buffed up.

You want to take your 3-6 year old kid to annoy the row sitting in front of you

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

All is LOST.....finally....

I am talking, of course, about the series finale, one of the most talked about TV series in the past 6 years.

Frankly, I did not watch the show until it's final season. I did not watch it when it first debut back in 2004, I did not watch it along the years, I did not watch it when I was in India...... I just did not watch it.

Then one day, after returning from India, sitting in the living room of my new house, tuned into channel 701 on Astro. It captured my attention, I sat up, and that one single episode blew my mind. And the rest, as we all say it, was history..... at least for the past year.

I already had the first 3 seasons of lost on my hard drive, I did not download them, I had them for 3 years, passed to me by a friend. But did I go back and watch every single episode before diving into season 6? No.... I watched episode 6x00.

Yes, Episode 0. What's that you ask? It is an episode, which sums up the past 5 seasons in less than 60mins. Is it even possible? Well, it sure did it for me.

I find the show interesting because of the characters, the story.... and most importantly.... the music. The music along the show could give me goosebumps.... yes, they were that good.

Alot of people told me that they are lost when watching LOST. Well, I'd still recommend it.

The final episode was heartwarming and probably tear jerking to some. (not me, :P)

For the final episode, I avoided all online chatter of the show, and it's a good thing none of my friends on Fb actually watches the show so no one could really spoil it for me.

Was it a great finale? I think it was adequate. The story telling was great like all the other episodes, and it provided the right closures and left some of the story to the imagination.

What will I do next now that the show is over? Why, get the Blu-ray and watch it from the beginning of course. :) Lost marathon, anyone?

looking forward to these 2 movies....


with Christopher 'The Dark Knight' Nolan directing Leo 'Titanic' Dicaprio and Ellen 'Juno' Page in this sci-fi thriller..... and with the sound track sounding like The Dark Knight's...... what can I say?


The trailer looks interesting, the poster looks ok. And starring Adrien 'kiss halle berry at the Oscar' Brody... not a big fan of his....... but then it's sci-fi..... It's human cloning, and I just recently finished reading Y-The last Man. what can I say? I'm a big geek at heart.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The evolution of alcoholic drinks in my life...

Back when I was 5 years old, I had this.

Then when I reached my teens, it was this. (hmm... kinda giving away my age with this)

And just before college, I had this.

Then when needing to feel more grown up, I turned to these.

And when I started working, we went on these....

God forbid that my liver hates me the most during those years..... 'You make me work overtime you son of a bitch!' I hope you puke your guts out and drown in them!!!! - note to liver, 'sorry'

then after puking too often, I decided to cut down and goto this in moderation....

No more drink till you drop, no more loud music.......

It's funny when I think back to all those years of drinking, each alcohol kinds of depicted a certain stage of life for me.

Not saying I don't drink beer, hard liquor or Shandy anymore... I love shandy. But it's just the progression and evolution of my drinks.

I know I had not posted something for quite sometime now, so hopefully the inspiration comes back so I can continue where I left off.