Monday, January 9, 2012

My random thoughts on Anwar Ibrahim

Today Anwar was acquitted of his Sodomy trial, it was probably one of the most intensely followed trial in Malaysia for sometime.

And in an article, it noted that Anwar back in the 90s was suppose to be the heir apparant to Mahatir. And it got me thinking, 'what if'.

Would Anwar be the champion of change he is today? Or would he just be another one of those umnoputras that are despised by the opposition and the people today?

In an alternate reality, probably. It begs the question, is he fit to lead the country to new policies once the current government gets rejected by the people. (if it ever happens)

I'm of 2 minds, but the gist of it is. Change is needed, and the catalyst of that change seems to be day Anwar and Mahatir came to clashes.

I missed my opportunity to vote back in 2008, I am hoping I will not miss it in 2012. If it happens this year that is.

Vote for change, vote for the future generation of Malaysia.