Sunday, September 1, 2013

a shitty state of mind

Let me start with this little meme, which I've quoted similiar references for quite some time now to friends and colleagues. 

As we go through work life, we always feel that some other place might be better.

Well, some times it might be. But the surface is does not represent everything. 

Many job and career advice sites have many articles about how to approach a new job prospect. Find out more, ask around, do your research before taking the plunge they would repeatedly tell you.

A peek behind the curtain will sometimes reveal more than you will ever hear, because seeing is believing.

However, our state of mind is going to be the most important factor to our success. No matter how shit a place is, or the people are, we determine the next step. 

Shit is what we processed, so if we keep on processing shit in our brains, it'll be natural that we end up with a shitty state of mind.

So I have constantly remind myself to keep calm and carry on, which is advice i received back long ago.

Hope you will also find Greener pastures, but if it ends up being more shit, just tip toe around like a ballerina, step around it, and dance your way out of it. :)